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Relapse Prevention Plan

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Relapse Prevention Plan

When you are facing drug and alcohol addiction, nothing seems like it will give you your life back. It is true your life will be different once you are sober, but you will have the ability to control more of your life. One way to do this is to work on ensuring recovery happens long term. With a relapse prevention plan, you can do that. You can create a way for you to get the help you need whenever you are at risk. At Red Oak Recovery®, our team works closely with you to achieve these goals.

What Is a Relapse Prevention Plan?

When a person starts on the path towards recovery, they will face many challenges. These are things you cannot control – such as dealing with family relationships or facing stigma from those you do not know. You will feel stress. You may have to deal with emotional complications, too. If you have a relapse prevention plan, you will have a way forward.

A relapse prevention plan aims to do two things. First, it helps you to avoid relapse by encouraging good behaviors and thoughts. Second, it works to tell you how to get help when you are at risk of using substances again.

What Is in This Type of Plan?

When you get treatment for addiction, you will work closely with your therapist to create a treatment plan and, once in recovery, a relapse prevention plan. It will always be specific to you. Many factors play a role in what happens in these plans, but some of the most important components include:

  • Setting goals – Write down what you want to achieve now that you are sober? What do you want your life to be like? What motivates you?
  • Working to keep yourself healthy – You will need to have a plan to stay healthy. This includes eating right, exercising, and working on ways to reduce stress
  • What are your triggers – Knowing what your triggers are, such as what things make you think about using, you’ll be able to avoid them more effectively

From there, your plan should also include a step about how to get help. This includes getting help from your therapist, mentor, 12 step group, or others. It involves reaching out to those who understand your addiction and can help you to stay on the right course.

Are You Ready to Start on Your Path?

If you are ready to start building your own relapse prevention plan, it starts with getting to the point of being drug-free. We can help you with programs such as:

Take the time to get help for yourself. You can start creating a life that you want to live, rather than a life controlled by addiction. All you have to do is embrace treatment.

In addition to our relapse prevention plans, we offer a range of helpful evidence-based therapy options and experiential treatments. We tailor these programs to the unique needs of the resident. This treatment option gives the residents the highest chance of long term recovery. Our addiction therapy programs include:

Gain Control of Your Future at Red Oak Recovery®

Having a relapse prevention plan is one of the most important things you can do for your health and recovery. Our team at Red Oak Recovery® can provide you with the support, outstanding treatment programs, and guided therapies to get you to the point of recovery. Reach out to our compassionate counselors today by contacting us 866.457.7590 for help.