A group session at an addiction treatment centerIf you struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, you may feel hopeless. Addiction is an extremely powerful mental illness which robs you of self-control and personal freedom. However, a quality addiction treatment center can help. By undergoing drug rehab, you’ll find there’s always the opportunity for a better life without drugs or alcohol. Above all, there are many different methods that help you maintain sobriety long after addiction treatment ends.

Understanding an Addiction Treatment Center

While in treatment, you’ll learn a lot about addiction as a disease. Often, people continuously relapse because they don’t understand what’s happening internally. Without knowing that addiction is a brain disorder with no cure, you might return to drugs or alcohol. Understanding addiction helps you surrender to the inevitable cognitive changes mind-altering substances cause.

Additionally, education provides hope. Fortunately, there are diverse methods for helping people recover. Thus, if you were feeling hopeless, you’ll begin to realize you have many options for staying clean. These methods are evidence-based, and therefore, more likely to help you reach successful sobriety.

Dual Diagnosis Therapy at an Addiction Treatment Center

The main cause of addiction is having an undiagnosed mental illness. Mental illnesses develop at different stages, and they can be very confusing. Often, in an attempt to cope with negative thoughts and emotions, many people turn to drugs or alcohol to ease mental illness symptoms. Eventually, this results in a substance dependence that creates even more psychological issues.

The most common forms of mental illness include:

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Fortunately, in a quality addiction treatment center, you’ll go through dual diagnosis therapy. This treatment method separates your addiction and mental illness so you’ll learn proper coping mechanisms for overcoming both. Unfortunately, without dual diagnosis treatment, the chances of relapse are much higher. Additionally, going through dual diagnosis therapy gives you the confidence to face new future challenges. Above all, this attitude helps you maintain sobriety.

Holistic Treatment Methods

Holistic treatment sometimes causes a lot of skepticism. However, a holistic approach really helps you stay sober. You’ll learn different methods for lasting recovery that don’t involve medications. This is important because many people attempting to reach sobriety start abusing new medications they receive during rehab. Therefore, using holistic methods not only helps you remain sober but also helps you experience a higher quality of life.

Red Oak Recovery® in Asheville, North Carolina is an addiction treatment facility offering young adult rehab programs. You’ll have the opportunity to undergo individualized treatment in addition to a hybrid program which includes outdoor experiential therapy. Not to mention, building a strong support group by surrounding yourself with recovering peers helps tremendously.

Our additional programs include:

Stop letting addiction control your life. Only you have the power to overcome the disease. If you or a loved one needs help, call Red Oak Recovery® immediately: 866-457-7590.