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Red Oak Recovery®, One Of The Leading Addiction Rehab Centers In North Carolina

Experience clinician-run addiction treatment at Red Oak Recovery® in the pristine Blue Ridge Mountains

Red Oak Recovery®, One Of The Leading Addiction Rehab Centers In North Carolina

/It can be an immense source of worry if there is a young adult in your life who is struggling with substance use and co-occurring mental health issues. In such a circumstance, you may have started looking up addiction rehab centers in North Carolina, in the hope of finding one that uses research-supported clinical methodologies as part of a program with a strong record for ensuring long-term patient recovery.

Red Oak Recovery® is just such a program. Its committed team combines evidence-based practices with adventure therapy, resulting in a treatment modality that is as profoundly effective as it is distinctively engaging. The clinical care delivered by Red Oak Recovery® prizes respect, dignity, and compassion, and seeks to empower clients to discover their innate goodness, talents, and self-worth. The result is genuinely sustainable, positive change.

The program also distinguishes itself from other addiction rehab centers in North Carolina by way of its unique location, in the pristine Blue Ridge Mountains to the north of Asheville N.C. The program is staffed by leaders and managers with proven backgrounds and expertise in the integration of adventure therapy, substance use and mental health treatment into successful and cutting-edge recovery programs.

Red Oak Recovery® provides separate gender-specific treatment programs for young men and women, and blends such elements as adventure therapy, experiential therapy, clinical care, 12-step programming, and social skills development. The program also marks itself out from alternative addiction rehab centers in North Carolina through its exclusive focus on young adults, making it the only program of its kind in the United States.

The gender-separate nature of the programs is in recognition of the unique ways men and women experience addiction, with the social reinforcers of substance use, the disorders accompanying addiction, the biological factors of dependence, and triggers for relapse all differing between the genders. These differences are all factored into a truly tailored recovery process addressing men and women’s specific social, biological, emotional and spiritual needs.

The program, on a beautiful campus, enables clients to step away from the usual everyday distractions and reflect inwardly. From individual, group and adventure-based therapy to goal setting, family work and boundary setting, the Red Oak Recovery® program incorporates all of the elements required for long-lasting recovery, and a life lived to the full, free from the hugely damaging consequences of alcohol and drug abuse.