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Nourishing Recovery

/If you had been diagnosed with diabetes, would you continue to consume excessive amounts of sugar? If your doctor told you that you could be the best marathon runner in your class contingent on giving your knee one month of rest, would you continue to run sprints every day?

Most of us already know that in order to meet our goals, we need to set ourselves up for success. However, many of us may be unaware what a huge role diet and nutrition play in this process. Just as it is common to be aware of your diet when caring for diabetes, it is as relevant to manage your diet when caring for addiction and throughout your recovery.

Our Executive Chef Sharon Dubuc advocates very strongly for the importance of diet and nutrition for all those who attend our program at Red Oak Recovery®.

“We really have a two-fold approach here. We are offering a diet that is planned to very specifically address physical healing for recovery. Our foods are nutrient-dense, and we are minimizing simple carbohydrates and refined sugars.”

 “Second, we are modeling a healthy relationship with food to support lasting recovery and more so, a long-term lifestyle change. Bringing awareness to this relationship with food is a vital component to a healthy and balanced self-care routine,” says Sharon.

It is important also, to note the many layers of therapeutic value that present themselves during the planting, caring, and harvesting process. In active addiction we often look for “quick fix” foods and may continue to feed that addictive brain pathway with the instant gratification of fast foods, sweets, and other impulsive eating habits. When we allow the space and time to care for what we put into our bodies, it makes sense that we will inevitably gain a heightened sense of self-appreciation.

“We are breaking free of the pattern of instant gratification by putting the time and work into making whole foods from scratch. We see this process in its entirety from seed-to-table which in turn builds a deeper relationship with our food. Our intention here is to replace instant gratification with balance and patience,” says Sharon.

At Red Oak Recovery®, it is our belief that proper nutritional maintenance is a cornerstone in protecting your recovery. We have often seen young men and women come to treatment malnourished and defeated. We understand that while using drugs and alcohol, our physical bodies have taken many forms of abuse. However, through our diet and dedication, we get better every day.

For more information from our Executive Chef Sharon Dubuc.