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Feeling ‘At One’ With The Right Mental Health Support In North Carolina

Experience clinician-run addiction treatment at Red Oak Recovery® in the pristine Blue Ridge Mountains

Feeling ‘At One’ With The Right Mental Health Support In North Carolina


None of us want to feel unsettled in our lives. We don’t want to be merely struggling by in life, troubled by unresolved psychological issues. However, many of us do have problems managing mind, body and spirit, and when this is the case, the most appropriately tailored and sensitive support – like the mental health support in North Carolina offered by Red Oak Recovery® – can make all the difference in helping us to lead happier and more productive lives.

Red Oak Recovery® isn’t just another substance use treatment program. It’s a program for those young adults finding it difficult to wean themselves off substances while also dealing with co-occurring mental health issues. It’s why we take such a distinctive clinical approach, integrating adventure therapy with the best research-supported, evidence-based practices to help the client realize their innate goodness, talents, and self-worth.

We believe in treating young adults with compassion, respect, and dignity, as part of an emphasis on positive and sustained change. The program is also overseen by the most renowned experts in substance use, mental health treatment, and adventure behavioral healthcare.

But of course, these aren’t the aspects of Red Oak Recovery®’s mental health support in North Carolina that mean the most to the young adults struggling with addiction and mental health issues and requiring a rebalancing of body and mind. What they really appreciate most, is the space to concentrate on their recovery and become the person they were meant to be.

While at Red Oak Recovery®’s treatment center, engaging in everything from art therapy and nutritional therapy to yoga and experiential therapy as part of a truly individualized treatment program, they can clear their heads and restore rational thought patterns. They can gain the opportunity for personal reflection that they most require, become more spiritually aware, and begin to live less selfishly, and with greater trust – in themselves and others.

That’s the difference made by the mental health support in North Carolina provided by Red Oak Recovery®, which is happy to receive inquiries from interested parents or young adults.