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Professional Development Training Newsletter

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Professional Development Training Newsletter

Professional Development Training

What is behind building a great team? Education? Training? Experience? Our Enrollment Department believes that all of the methods listed above are extremely vital in creating an outstanding enrollment team, and in order to dig deeper into how to provide better services to clients seeking treatment, Red Oak Recovery® welcomed Scott D. Canter from Solochek, Canter & Assoc. at The SC Group, to our facility. Scott brings many years of experience and knowledge to the treatment industry. His training is broken down into informative levels on how to connect and develop a relationship with clients and their families during the beginning stages of seeking treatment.

“Scott provided a variety of tools to successfully work with families that are in crisis,” says Torry Bolter, Director of Enrollment. “These tools ranged from addressing client qualification, follow up techniques, and client relation management which were all valuable in continuing to build our enrollment team.

The combination of strategies that make a successful Enrollment Counselor and anecdotal stories from Scott’s past made for a valuable and useful training experience.” Red Oak Recovery® continues to be open to changes in our industry and reflects on the strategies that have been successful in the past. Together our past experiences mixed with new techniques help mold our enrollment team to grow, help and shine in their area of expertise.

CLINICIAN’S CORNER with Casey Dewar, MA, LPC-A, LCAS-A Primary Therapist

Casey earned his Master’s Degree from Lenoir-Rhyne University’s Asheville campus. Casey has worked as a field guide and therapist with wilderness therapy programs. It was this kind of work that brought him to North Carolina over six years ago from Michigan. He has also worked in community-based mental health providing homebased therapeutic services for young adults and their families. He specializes in mindfulness-based approaches to therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, motivational interviewing, and family systems work.

Prior to entering mental health, Casey worked in the outdoor recreation world as an educator, administrator, and activity leader. When not working, Casey appreciates spending time with his black lab, named Ava, gardening, hiking, paddling, and exploring the wonder that is Western North Carolina.

“We were lucky to land Casey as the newest member of the Red Oak Recovery® team. His experience working with challenging populations, using experiential interventions, and working in non-traditional environments has enriched our team and milieu,” says Paul Weaver, MS, LPCS, LCAS, CSI, CTT-2, Clinical Director. “I especially appreciate his unflappable demeanor and his ability to join with and build relationship with the clients we serve. Casey has been a welcomed addition to our community.”


Our arduous journey with addiction began when our son was a freshman in high school. We were quite naive at that time and believed it was just a phase that he would surely outgrow as he matured. After all experimenting with marijuana was “normal” high school behavior. Oh yes, we were also naive in thinking the only drug he was using was marijuana. Our son’s drug use escalated over the years, and we watched him change into a person we did not recognize. His behaviors were typical of most addicts; he lied, he stole from us and he pulled away from everyone and everything he loved. It is so hard to watch someone you love, your child, destroy himself and he did not see it happening.

Looking back on that time we now see that we too changed into people we did not recognize. In a lot of ways our behaviors were similar to our son’s. We felt embarrassed and ashamed; obviously we were “bad parents” that did or did not do something to prevent this from happening. We began to pull away and isolate ourselves. We lied to family and friends to cover his addiction. We stole precious time and attention from our other children because we were so focused on fixing our son.

After approximately six years of dealing with his addiction we recognized that our lives were out of control just like our son’s. During those years we did try a number of times to help him by insisting he do therapy and intensive outpatient treatment programs which were unsuccessful. Finally we hit our rock bottom and could not continue to live that crazy life. It truly was by divine intervention that WE began to change. We met an intervention specialist who helped us see that we too were sick from this dreadful disease and the best way to help our son was for us to get healthy. She showed us it was possible to love him, set boundaries, and hold him accountable for his actions. After meeting with her, we vowed we would listen to the experts and follow their instruction. It was our best shot at helping him.

When our son entered Red Oak Recovery® we did not realize that he was not the only one starting on the journey to recovery. We were as well. The therapists at Red Oak Recovery® helped us recognize the impact this disease had on us as individuals and as a couple. We learned it was okay for us to want a life free from the chaos that surrounds drug addiction. They gave us the tools that enable us to show our son love while holding him accountable to the values that are important to us as a family and maintain boundaries.

It has been a little over twelve months since our son left Red Oak Recovery® and he did slip up once but thankfully he recognized it and did what he needed to do to get back on track. It was in his slip up that we saw how much we have grown in our recovery because we did not drop everything and fly to rescue him. He had to figure things out and work through the consequences of his actions. One of the reasons we did not fall back into bad behaviors is because we never stop working on our recovery which is exactly what we expect from our son. We attend weekly meetings and when we feel we need the advice of a professional, we meet with a therapist. We’ve learned a great deal in our weekly meetings. The room is filled with people who understand and walk in our shoes. The first time we attended our support group we were scared, broken people. Today we are stronger thanks to the support of others who were further along on the journey and offered direction and encouragement.

We strongly believe that maintaining our recovery will help our son be successful in his sobriety.

Red Oak Recovery® is Certified by LegitScript!

We are pleased to announce that Red Oak Recovery® is now certified with LegitScript, a national certification for ethical treatment providers that confirms standards of quality treatment and compliance with regulations and laws in the industry. Our policies and procedures, as well as the certifications of our team, have undergone extensive review to vet our eligibility.

The LegitScript stamp of approval ensures that unethical marketing practices in the treatment industry will cease so that consumers can make informed decisions during their time of need based on transparent, true, and complete information provided in online advertising.

3rd Annual Carolinas Symposium on Young Adult Treatment

We look forward to seeing you! Date: June 5th-7th, 2019

Location: Cambria Hotel Downtown Asheville, North Carolina

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