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Preparing For Rehab

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Preparing For Rehab

You have come to realize you need help to overcome your drug or alcohol use disorder. You have done your homework and decided Red Oak Recovery® is the place you feel most comfortable attending. Part of you is feeling confident. Another part is scared. That is perfectly normal. Preparing for rehab can be confusing, especially if this is your first time. Let’s take a look at some things you can do as you get ready to start your recovery journey.

Prepare Mentally and Emotionally

Mentally preparing for rehab may be the most challenging part. During the time before you attend our drug addiction treatment program, your mind will play tricks on you. You may feel confident one moment and scared the next. Now is the time to start practicing positive self-talk. Remind yourself why you are seeking help. Go into rehab with an open mind, and a positive mindset can guarantee success.

Start gathering your support system. While you go through the rehab program, you will form relationships with others on the same journey, but you will also need to have an external support system. Talk with family members and sober friends who will be there to help you before, during, and after treatment.

Take Care of Business

If you have things like rent or mortgage payments that you need to make while you are in rehab, now is the time to make arrangements to have those payments taken care of, so you won’t need to worry. The same is true for other bills. Preparing for rehab also means you will need to make arrangements with your employer if you have a job. Make sure arrangements for any children and pets are in place for the time you will be gone. With your job, family, and financial obligations taken care of, you will be able to spend your time at rehab concentrating on you.

Packing For Your Stay

The last step of preparing for rehab is to pack the things you will want to take with you to our North Carolina treatment center. It is better not to take too much. Typically, phones won’t be allowed. Ask the intake department if they have a checklist for preparing for rehab, but don’t be too concerned if they don’t. An excellent list to start with is:

  • Comfortable clothing and shoes: You won’t need more than 2-3 outfits.
  • Laundry soap if facilities are available.
  • Cigarettes, as long as the facility allows them: During rehab, many people find themselves smoking more.
  • An old iPod or MP3 player: Music is one thing that helps with stress and having familiar songs that you can turn to will help throughout your stay.
  • A list of important phone numbers.
  • Alcohol-free toiletries and a soft robe and slippers to get comfortable in.
  • A journal and writing utensils: Keeping a journal during your stay can give you a way to get your thoughts and feelings out in a positive manner.
  • Anything special the rehab center staff has suggested.

You are preparing for a journey to a new and exciting way of life, free of the chains of alcohol and drugs. Packing the essentials will leave you feeling freer.

Your Stay at Red Oak Recovery®

If you or your loved one is still in the research stage of seeking a recovery program that can meet your needs, contact us 866.457.7590 and speak with a member of our staff. Our intake office will help answer your questions, prepare you for a stay, and help you feel as comfortable as possible while making your decision, and afterward. We want to help you succeed. Preparing for rehab is the first step to that success.