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Welcome Our New Executive Director Newsletter

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Welcome Our New Executive Director Newsletter

Welcome Our New Executive Director: Shane Phillips, MSW, LCAS

pic of Shane PhillipsShane is grateful for the opportunity to return to Red Oak Recovery® as Executive Director of the men’s campus. Shane is a founding member of the team and helped Red Oak open its doors in 2014. He is passionate about working with young adults and their families. Shane has worked in a variety of treatment settings serving adolescents and young adults with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. Most recently, he worked as a clinician at Duke CAST program, an outpatient clinic at Duke University Medical Center.

While getting his MSW at UNC-Chapel Hill, Shane was a recipient of the Governor’s Institute Scholarship, and he received a SAMHSA fellowship through the NAADAC National Minority Fellowship Program for Addiction Counselors. He was a member of the collegiate recovery community at UNC and served for a year as the President of the Carolina Recovery Group. After completing his master’s program, Shane supervised the development of a grant-funded initiative to provide peer support services to overdose survivors in Wake County.

Shane believes deeply in a young person’s capacity to initiate and sustain long-term recovery from addiction. In his current role, he manages the young adult men’s campus and works to ensure that clients and their families receive compassionate, evidence-based treatment.

“Shane re-joins our team with over a decade of experience and specialization in treating the young adult population,” says our President and Founder. “He brings with him a depth of knowledge in collegiate recovery, research, and the latest trends in treatment for young adults struggling with substance use and mental health issues. We could not be more pleased that Shane has returned to share his talents with our team and clients.”


My experience at Red Oak Recovery® changed my life. This was partly due to recognizing I had a problem, having the willingness to put in the work, and select staff at Red Oak Recovery® that changed my outlook on life. Becoming sober doesn’t always happen because of outside factors, but Red Oak Recovery® provides the best factors for a person trying to stay sober as long as that person is willing to do the work.

The staff that were present when I went through Red Oak Recovery® had a genuine attitude of guidance, mentorship, and helpfulness. Many staff went out of their way and above and beyond expectations to help clients that wanted to live a sober life. They wanted to be there, they wanted to help, and they wanted to make a difference in the lives of the few clients that actually stay sober.

Red Oak Recovery® was a wonderful place to discover sobriety. Being in the mountains, in crisp, clean air, and having a bountiful amount of trips and activities to experience life without substances opened the door to what a sober, meaningful life could feel like. The team building activities, the food, and the companionship built amongst those who seek it and want to make the most out of their experience is next to none. I almost whole-heartedly attribute nearly three and a half years of my sobriety to Red Oak Recovery®. My therapist helped me to see the world in an entirely different light; a viewpoint I achieved after countless discussions/meetings that resulted in tangible feedback. The work my therapist and I did was far from “wishy-washy” and left me with guidance I could grasp and use in real life.

I have fond memories of my experiences at Red Oak Recovery® and reflect upon my time there quite often. I learned firsthand how to handle many situations, both good and bad, in healthy ways. I am grateful for what I was able to accomplish there and the chance of living a meaningful life that Red Oak Recovery® set me up for.

CLINICIAN’S CORNER: Jay Vaughn, CSAC-I Case Manager

Jay, an Atlanta, Georgia native, joined the Red Oak Recovery® team as a Clinical Technician in 2016 and moved quickly into the Case Manager role. He has struggled with addiction since he was fourteen years old and has been in and out of treatment since he was nineteen.

Jay brings hope and knowledge to clients on campus with all sides of drug addiction – using, relapsing, getting clean, and staying active in the program. As a Case Manager, Jay’s work supports clients and families as they continue along the journey through treatment. He has a great understanding of what the clients are going through and what they have been through up to this point.

“Jay brings a passion for Recovery and 12 Step Communities that inspires not only clients but staff alike,” says Paul Weaver, MS, LPCS, LCAS, CSI, CTT-2, Clinical Director. “I admire his ability to show compassion and love to our clients, to engage them in the challenge of the work, and to have the hard conversations and say the hard things that many people shy away from. Jay is an asset to our team and important member of our community on the mountain. I am grateful for his presence in our lives.”

Red Oak Recovery® Recovery Management Program: Return to Recovery

  • 30-45 day Terrence Gorski-Based Relapse Prevention Programming
  • 2 weekly sessions with a Master’s level, dually licensed (substance use & mental health) primary therapist assigned to assess and evaluate the underlying issues contributing to relapse
  • Dedicated Gorski-trained Case Manager
  • Designed to meet the needs of clients who have been in recovery for at least 90 days and have experienced a recent relapse or are about to
  • Focus on individual thoughts, feelings, urges, actions, and reactions around triggers and relapse
  • Gender separate programming
  • Family coaching and support

3rd Annual Carolinas Symposium on Young Adult Treatment Welcome Our Presenters!

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Date: June 5th-7th, 2019

Location: Cambria Hotel Downtown Asheville, North Carolina

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“My experience at Red Oak changed my life!” – Alumni