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Outpatient vs Inpatient

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Outpatient vs Inpatient

There are a number of rehab options available to individuals struggling with addiction. If you or a loved one is currently battling addiction and looking for ways to start a new, sober life, rehab is one of the best ways to go about doing this. One of the best ways to ensure a successful rehab stay is to understand the differences between what is available. While each rehab center is a bit different from the next, it is possible to break down rehab into outpatient vs inpatient. Each has something different to offer, so here is what you need to know when considering outpatient vs inpatient. 

What is an Inpatient Rehab Treatment Center

Each rehab center is going to be a bit different, so when considering one over another it is important to discuss the kinds of services each offers and what they believe will be the best method of obtaining sobriety. For some, it depends on how strong the addiction is and how long a person has been using. 

In general, an inpatient rehab center is going to have the patients stay within the facility. Because a person will stay within the facility the entire time it does disrupt their daily life. It will not be possible to go into work as they will need to stay within the inpatient treatment center.  

Because a person remains on campus the entire time they have access to 24-hour support. This can be anything from medical support to emotional support. One of the main benefits of this is there are no distractions or access to common triggers that might lead someone to use again. 

What is an Outpatient Rehab Treatment Center

With this kind of treatment option, the individual will still live at home, but they will go to the treatment center during the day. This is best for someone with a mild addiction and has the ability to stay with someone who will be there with them at night. It is a more affordable option and it is easier to maintain some daily life elements. Often the rehab can be built around a person’s work schedule. 

Outpatient vs Inpatient

There are a number of differences to consider when looking at an outpatient vs inpatient form of rehab. Some of these differences include:

  • Staying at the facility vs remaining at home
  • Inpatient costs more than outpatient
  • Inpatient does disrupt daily life
  • Inpatient offers continual support both day and night while outpatient has some assistance while on campus and through social circle support groups when out of rehab
  • Inpatient rehab services are designed for serious addictions while outpatient is best for those with a mild addiction
  • Can last anywhere from 28 days to six months while an outpatient service may range from three months to over a year
  • Inpatient rehab centers generally have a higher success rate. This is because an individual doesn’t have the distractions or exposure to triggers that an individual using an outpatient rehab center might be exposed to, although some of this is circumstantial and a case by case basis

Help Is One Call Away

Addiction is a difficult battle. But you don’t need to go about it on your own. You have friends and family that love you and want what is best for you. There is also our staff at Red Oak Recovery®. The compassionate and helpful staff is here for you and will be there every step of the way. The fact that you’re looking up outpatient vs inpatient rehab options shows you are serious about moving past addiction and living a healthier, sober life. And with Red Oak Recovery®, you’ll never need to do this alone. Help is one call away. So contact our staff of Red Oak Recover at 866.457.7590 today.