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Substance Use Disorder

man in need of substance use disorder treatmentExperiencing the devastating effects of a substance use disorder can be upsetting for the entire family. For this reason, finding the right kind of treatment is an integral part of restoring peace, happiness, and balance to your household.

Understanding a Substance Use Disorder

A substance use disorder is a pattern of behavior that involves abusing addictive substances in ways that cause serious problems. For example, a person with an alcohol use disorder doesn’t have to get drunk all the time to have a problem. If the pattern of consumption is creating conflict in everyday life, it’s safe to reason that substance use is present, warranting professional treatment.

Symptoms of a Substance Use Disorder

It’s important to also be aware of common substance use disorder symptoms. Pay careful attention to any of the following identifying clues:

  • Self-defeating actions– Addictive substances can create significant changes in the brain that interfere with proper reasoning ability. As a result, a previously calm individual may begin engaging in dangerous activities.
  • Isolation– Social and emotional isolation is common among those influenced by drugs or alcohol. Aside from avoiding other people, these individuals may also lose interest in pleasurable activities.
  • Seeking multiple doctors– When a person faces an addiction to prescription medications, they will often find care from many different doctors. Since these drugs are usually controlled substances that have restrictions placed on them, they may be fearful of running out of pills.
  • Changing daily routine– Coming home late from work, missing important deadlines, and failing to complete daily tasks are red flags for many people. These seemingly small changes in daily routine can provide big clues to a potential problem.
  • Inability to function– Is your loved one getting into trouble on the job or at school? Do they appear tired and withdrawn most of the time? Are they having trouble eating and sleeping? An inability to function normally can be another significant indicator that a problem is present.

These are just a few of the common symptoms of a substance use problem. Your loved one may also display other signs. If you notice these clues, seek professional substance use disorder treatment right away.

Treatment Options for Substance Use Disorders

As a concerned loved one of someone who is suffering, you may also find yourself wondering about options for substance use disorder treatment. The best treatment plan will be tailor-made for your exact circumstances. Depending on your personal needs, your plan could include medication-assisted treatment, co-occurring disorder treatment, behavioral therapies, and counseling.

Signs of a High-Quality Rehab Center

Determining if a rehabilitation facility is reputable can be confusing. It’s always helpful to look at the treatment center’s record of success. How many people have they helped to recover from addiction issues? How many of those people have experienced a relapse? Do they place value on family involvement and holistic options? The answers to these questions may give you the guidance and direction you need in locating the best rehab center for you.

About Red Oak Recovery®

Red Oak Recovery® is a center for substance use disorder treatment in Asheville, North Carolina. The skilled treatment team here provide many creative rehab programs to meet the needs of young people today. By using an innovative hybrid program, Red Oak provides experience in various forms of therapeutic interventions designed to offer lasting relief from addiction problems. Don’t let addiction issues destroy your family. With the right substance use disorder treatment program, you can learn to overcome these issues. Call Red Oak Recovery® at 866-457-7590 to learn how our innovative programs can help you recover from addiction.