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National Minority Mental Health Month

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National Minority Mental Health Month

This July will be National Minority Mental Health Month. Each year, millions of people in the United States struggle to deal with a mental illness. During a lifetime, one out of five people will develop a mental disorder. These kinds of disorders do not target any specific group according to their color, identity, race or gender.

What Is National Minority Mental Health Month?

National Minority Mental Health Month 2019 will work to raise awareness about mental illnesses. While anyone can develop a mental disorder, someone’s identity and background can affect how easy or difficult it is to find treatment options. Because of this, advocates began National Minority Mental Health Month back in 2008.

Unfortunately, there is still a stigma about mental illnesses. In some communities, people feel uncomfortable or afraid of admitting that they need help. Through events like National Minority Mental Health Month, individuals can change the culture and stereotypes around mental disorders.

Finding Help

Individuals can help raise awareness about mental health issues during this year’s National Minority Mental Health Month. During July, individuals can share facts, graphics, and comments using #MinorityMentalHealth. There are also downloadable materials that individuals and advocates can use.

While the health system in the United States is improving, marginalized communities still do not receive the care they need. There are ongoing disparities in the mental health system. Unfortunately, racial and ethnic minorities are less likely to use mental health services or have access to these services. They are also more likely to obtain a lower quality of care.

When someone does not get the care they need through young adult rehab programs or other options, it harms their mental health outcomes. Minority groups are more likely to suffer from negative outcomes like suicide than other groups. This awareness month is a chance to change the stigma around mental illness and help people seek out the care they need. Through a mental health treatment center in Asheville NC, individuals can get help for underlying mental disorders and substance use problems.

Selecting the Right Treatment Program

During National Minority Mental Health Month 2019, people come together to raise awareness about mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and substance use disorder. Through education, individuals can figure out if they need treatment for an addiction or a mental illness. Once someone realizes that they have a problem with drugs or alcohol, help is available. Through a qualified rehab center, clients can find treatments and therapy options such as:

Recovering from an addiction can be overwhelming, but you can make the process easier by finding the right support and help. At Red Oak Recovery®, you can get support for substance use disorders, trauma, and mental illnesses. Our holistic healing program focuses on the entire person instead of only the addiction. Get more information about National Minority Mental Health Month 2019 and how we can help by contacting us today at 866-457-7590.