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Do I Have a Painkiller Addiction?

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Do I Have a Painkiller Addiction?

Many people start taking painkillers for chronic pain or other illnesses. After a few days or weeks of using painkillers, they may begin to develop a dependency on the drug. Before long, they realize that they have a painkiller addiction. Even when someone takes painkillers for a medical reason, they can still develop a life-altering prescription drug addiction.

The Signs of a Painkiller Addiction

According to recent estimates, more than one out of three Americans deal with chronic pain. Many of these individuals treat their pain with medication. Over time, these individuals can develop a painkiller addiction.

As the addiction takes hold, individuals may notice signs that they are becoming dependent on painkillers. They may realize that they are thinking about painkillers all the time. This may include worries about having a large enough supply of medication or watching the clock until another dose is ready.

Before long, this physical dependency may turn into other signs of an addiction. The individual may start visiting multiple doctors in an attempt to get multiple prescriptions at a time. They may also take larger or more frequent amounts than the prescription says that they should. Someone may even start buying painkillers on the street or online to get more of the drug. If a loved one notices and tries to talk about their worries, the individual may even become angry or defensive.

What Happens Next?

If someone takes painkillers for a long time, they are more likely to develop a painkiller addiction. Even though they know that they are using too much, they find it difficult to control their usage and have an urge to use more. The individual may stop taking part in activities they care about or spend more of their time looking for drugs.

Over time, this addiction can lead to severe physical, mental and social problems. The individual develops a tolerance, so they require more of the drug to feel normal. If they try to stop using, they may develop physical withdrawal symptoms that make it hard to remain sober. Through an opioid addiction treatment center in North Carolina, individuals can talk to an addiction specialist about their symptoms and possible treatment options.

Learning More About Substance Use Treatment

There are many different young adult rehab programs, so figuring out the best option is not always easy. Clients should look for a program that addiction specialists can tailor to the individual’s unique needs. This type of treatment program offers the customized care individuals needs to recover. In a treatment center, clients can find support through options such as:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Physical, psychiatric, clinical and nutritional assessments
  • Gender-specific treatment centers
  • Clinical, organic and experiential eco-therapy
  • Gardening
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Trauma-informed care

While a painkiller addiction can feel devastating to the individual and their loved ones, recovery is possible. Red Oak Recovery® offers a hybrid program with wilderness therapy and clinical treatment. With high-quality treatment, clients can begin their personal journey toward a sober lifestyle. Learn more by calling us today at 866.457.7590.