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What Are Narrative Therapy Exercises?

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What Are Narrative Therapy Exercises?

During treatment, clients will go through many types of therapies and rehab programs. The initial stage of rehab involves a full evaluation and assessment of the client’s needs. With this information, the rehab center can decide which kind of treatments the client requires. For example, they may offer narrative therapy exercises, outdoor therapy, or other options.

At Red Oak Recovery®, we are committed to providing evidence-based and holistic treatment methods for our clients. Therefore, with the help of narrative therapy and a range of other treatment options, we can provide each client with the care they need. For more information about how we can use narrative therapy to support your recovery, please contact Red Oak Recovery® today at 866.457.7590.

What Are Narrative Therapy Exercises?

Narrative therapy exercises are a type of psychotherapy. This kind of therapy involves helping clients look at their values, knowledge, and skills. Then, the client learns how to use this information to tackle any problem that comes their way.

Ultimately, narrative therapy aims to help clients learn how to separate themselves from the problem in front of them. Often, people start to internalize problems over time. This can get in the way of healing because the individual begins thinking that they are the problem or the person at fault.

In therapy, clients learn how to externalize the problem. By thinking of the problem as an outside influence or issue, the individual is able to see that it is not their fault. They have the power to solve the problem through their skills, knowledge, and abilities.

How Narrative Therapy Exercises Work

During addiction therapy services, clients receive a variety of exercises and therapies. Therapists choose each option to target the client’s unique needs. With the help of the addiction treatment programs, individuals can rewire how their mind thinks about substance use.

Often, narrative therapy exercises involve telling the individual’s unique narrative. The client finds their voice to put their personal story in their own words. This type of narrative helps the individual find purpose and meaning in what they experience.

Another common exercise is externalization. This technique helps the client look at problems as an external factor. These problems could be issues like becoming angry or exhibiting aggressive behaviors. Meanwhile, the deconstruction technique helps clients break down issues to make them easier to understand. This type of exercise is beneficial for problems that seem too overwhelming or complicated to solve otherwise.

Discovering a Better Life

Whether someone needs family counseling or narrative therapy exercises, many options are available in an addiction treatment center. Through rehab, individuals can stop turning to substance use and learn how to have a healthier, happier life. In addition, a high-quality treatment program can support clients during their recovery process. At a rehab center, clients can find a variety of options such as:

  • Dual diagnosis program
  • Nutritional evaluations and assessments
  • Family, group, and individual counseling
  • Eco-therapy
  • Holistic healing
  • Grief and trauma therapy
  • Wilderness therapy

With these treatment options alongside narrative therapy, we can provide the support you need to recover. For more information about the treatment options available, please contact Red Oak Recovery® today.

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While addiction can be a challenge, no one has to put up with substance use forever. Red Oak Recovery® has the programs and specialists you need to become sober. Our hybrid center combines wilderness therapy with clinical rehab for a high-quality, effective program. We offer a wide array of treatment programs, including:

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