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Mental Health Treatment in Weddington NC

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Mental Health Treatment in Weddington NC

Have you experienced a trauma? Are you struggling with depression or anxiety? Is addiction controlling your life? For those in the Weddington area, mental health treatment in Weddington NC seem like the right choice. However, you should never settle on the first mental health treatment facility you find. That’s why it is so important to do your homework before entering into any treatment center. You want to ensure you find a center that will suit your specific needs.

Is Mental Health Treatment in Weddington NC Right For Me?

man considering inpatient mental health treatment in weddington ncIn some ways, many mental health treatment programs are similar. They have the goal of stabilizing your symptoms and helping you to use appropriate medical intervention and social coping skills so that you can live a healthy and fulfilling life. However, not every mental health treatment in Weddington NC provides the full continuum of care that you need. Instead of remaining close to home, consider heading towards Asheville NC instead. Here, you can find treatment options that will offer the following:

  • Daily meetings with nurses, doctors, and therapists in individual and group sessions
  • Treatment that can last from 60 days and up to 110 days depending on what the facility provides
  • Access to medical treatment if needed

If you decide to become a client of one of the young adult rehab programs that also provide mental health treatment, you will also receive substance use-related services.

What Young Adult Rehab Programs Provide

Young adult rehab programs specialize in the substance use or addiction needs of people in early adulthood, generally between the ages of 18 and 30. They furnish the client with the specific treatment they will need to physically, mentally and psychologically recover from addiction to substances such as meth and opioids, among others. Therapy at these young adult rehab programs centers tend to include:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • 12-step meetings
  • The teaching of life skills and coping strategies
  • Relapse prevention

Many young adult rehab programs also have strong transitional services in place to help you re-enter the world after completing treatment.

Red Oak Recovery® Can Help You Succeed

Instead of an mental health treatment in Weddington NC, head to Red Oak Recovery®. We are a gender-separate trauma, substance use, and mental health treatment center in Asheville NC. Our staff has the experience in helping young adults. We can be the perfect place for you to begin your recovery journey.

We stand apart from other options because of the unique nature of our programs. If you become a client, you can expect the following:

  • Thorough nutritional, psychiatric and clinical evaluations
  • Focus on dual diagnosis and trauma
  • Outdoor recreational component involving gardening, adventure and other types of organic eco-therapy
  • Evidence-based individual trauma, mental health, and substance use counseling
  • Gender-separated campuses focusing on young adult concerns

Recovering from severe substance use is never easy, and trauma or mental health issues make it even more challenging. Don’t settle on a mental health treatment in Weddington NC. Contact Red Oak Recovery® today at 866-457-7590 to get the help and support you deserve.