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Locating a North Carolina Treatment Center for Your Husband

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Locating a North Carolina Treatment Center for Your Husband

Getting your husband to admit he has a problem with addiction will probably be one of the biggest challenges you face in your marriage. He may have learned to adhere to certain norms of his gender. That mindset can make it harder to admit his vulnerability and get the help he needs. Red Oak Recovery® is a men’s treatment center in North Carolina that offers a program exclusively for men. It’s a place where male clients from Zionsville, IN and other areas around the country can work with other men. They work together through the challenges of their addiction. To learn more about our men’s rehab center, contact Red Oak Recovery® at 866.457.7590.

The Risk of Substance Use to Your Husband

Studies have shown that men are more likely to be at risk for developing a substance use disorder than women. Men are more likely to go down the path of severe addiction after just one use. They’re also prone to using drugs or drinking at an early age because of peer pressure.

Men often deal with various physical, mental, and emotional issues once they develop a substance use disorder, including:

  • Mental health issues like depression or anxiety
  • Exhibiting reckless behavior that could lead to injury or death
  • Driving while under the influence
  • Acting violently toward other people
  • Finding themselves unable to hold down a steady job
  • Increasing their risk of developing a severe disease
  • Harming themselves

Many men avoid asking their wives to help find treatment options because they don’t want to seem weak. A stay at Red Oak Recovery® in North Carolina can help them realize the strength it takes to admit they need help break the hold of addiction.

Why Your Husband May Benefit From a Men’s Rehab Program

When your husband enrolls in a treatment center in North Carolina, he gains access to space where he can safely work through problems. He’ll meet other men going through the same experience. The lack of judgment he may feel in a same-sex rehab environment can get him to open up and seek guidance from his peers.

Seeing other men opening up and being vulnerable in a men’s rehab program can make your husband feel free to do the same. There, he can start evaluating the effects his actions had on his friends and loved ones. The Red Oak Recovery® treatment center provides family therapy sessions so you and your husband can start rebuilding bonds with a therapist’s help.

Choosing a Men’s Rehab Program

When you pick a same-sex rehab program for your husband, that means you’re giving him access to help geared toward male-oriented issues. Men often turn to substance use to deal with the emotional fallout from childhood trauma. That can lead to anger issues and a tendency to put emotional distance between them and their wives when they feel stressed.

Many men reach a certain level of comfort when they are in a rehab setting with other men. It makes them more open to accepting advice and guidance from others in the same shoes. That openness makes it easier for them to absorb the lessons taught to them during their stay at a men’s treatment center in North Carolina.

That sense of brotherhood found in treatment can carry over into the real world. Having those friendships to rely on can give your husband the strength to continue in recovery. They have someone to call when they feel stressed or find themselves tempted back into a lifestyle of addiction.

Reap the Benefits of a Men’s Rehab Outside of Zionsville, IN

Red Oak Recovery® offers same-sex treatment for men and women looking to overcome the bonds of addiction. We also have treatment programs designed to benefit the unique needs of young men, including a range of holistic and evidence-based therapies, such as:

Contact Red Oak Recovery® at 866.457.7590 if you’re looking for a treatment center outside of Zionsville, IN for your husband.