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How To Have a Sober Halloween

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How To Have a Sober Halloween

Halloween is a holiday many find enjoyable. Celebrations take place, and costumed participants show off their creativity. If you are used to spending Halloween partaking in the consumption of alcohol, however, and you are now on the road to recovery from alcohol use, remaining sober becomes tricky. There are ways to enjoy Halloween without alcohol in the mix. To learn more about how to keep your sobriety this Halloween, contact Red Oak Recovery® today at 866.457.7590.

Rely Upon Others To Share Your Concerns

It is essential to have people to speak to about your worries and concerns when it comes to avoiding alcohol during holidays. If you have a support group, rely upon them during this time as a means of relapse prevention. Knowing there are others around for support is extremely beneficial, especially during holidays and other times when people use alcohol as a celebratory means.

Visit Places Where Alcohol Is Not Available

The best way to avoid the temptation of drinking during Halloween celebrations is frequenting places where alcohol is not available. Instead of heading to a bar or house party for Halloween, consider going to a scary movie with friends, donating time at a children’s Halloween event, or enjoying a Halloween parade in town. The temptation to repeat addictive behavior is not as great because alcohol is not readily available. Instead, enjoyment of the holiday in other ways is possible.

Keep On Top Of Treatment As Needed

If you have spent time receiving treatment via an alcohol treatment program, do not shy away from the necessary meetings to help you with relapse prevention. Do not skip meetings with others and consider taking upon a few extra meetings during Halloween week to help you with tactics to avoid alcohol during upcoming celebrations. When holidays arrive, these additional sessions are beneficial in helping you stay on track during difficult situations.

Take Time To Have An Accountability Partner

Spend time at events for Halloween with someone you had met during treatment. If you have someone with similar likes and dislikes with you, you will both enjoy the holiday together. Also, each of you will provide support during events to help make a sober Halloween possible.

Enjoy The Holiday At Your Own Home

Instead of going out for Halloween, stay at home and enjoy the holiday with friends and loved ones who know your current situation. Morale support is then around you during this time, giving you the benefit of being able to discuss your feelings at any given time with someone who understands and cares about relapse prevention. Throw an alcohol-free party and encourage guests to bring along holiday-inspired foods or beverages to share with each other.

Know The We Are There To Help

Red Oak Recovery® is located in Asheville, NC, and provides several addiction treatment options. We believe that a blend of traditional treatment methods, along with the exploration of wilderness in a pristine setting, helps to keep clients from succumbing to addictive behavior. Our caring staff helps clients to understand triggers and how to successfully achieve getting through tough situations using coping tactics. This is not only important for relapse prevention but also to boost morale and achieve endeavors in a positive setting. We also provide dual diagnosis treatment for individuals battling addiction and mental health conditions.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, and having a sober Halloween is important to you, consider contacting Red Oak Recovery® to find out more about treatment programs available. Contact our team at 866.457.7590 to find out more about us and the many tools available at our facility to help those who wish to better their lives. We look forward to helping you with a sober Halloween, as well as future alcohol-free holidays.