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3 Holistic Differences a North Carolina Rehab Can Make

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3 Holistic Differences a North Carolina Rehab Can Make

If you or someone you care about is suffering from an issue that requires rehabilitation, knowing the different services provided is necessary to help with recovery efforts. Many find that holistic measures work well as a form of treatment for a variety of conditions. If you’re considering traveling out of Leelanau, MI, Red Oak Recovery® is here to help. Here are three holistic differences a North Carolina rehab provides to those who decide to visit one. Contact our North Carolina treatment center today at 866.457.7590 for more information.

Using The Power Of The Outdoors As A Recovery Measure

The outdoors provides a multitude of opportunities for rehabilitation. Just the chance to get away from the daily grind and be out in nature works wonders for those who suffer from addiction, depression, anxiety, and other mental issues. At Red Oak Recovery®, we understand what the wilderness can do for those who are in it. It offers a chance for exploration and exercise. It gives users the chance to reflect upon their difficulties without others being around to monitor their every move.

Our facility has many areas to explore outdoors. We encourage our clients to take the time to walk around and enjoy the beauty around them. We offer structured activities to enjoy outdoors, both as individual sessions or with a group. This includes gardening, wilderness exploration, as well as water activities to be enjoyed alone or with others.

Dual Diagnostic Treatment To Address Concerns With Care

Many people suffer from not just one issue. If you or someone you know has a substance use problem, it could have been triggered by a mental health issue. Often people turn to drugs or alcohol as a means to self-medicate for depression or anxiety. This could easily lead to an addiction as they become dependent on their medication means.

We believe that addressing both issues at the same time works wonders during the recovery process. We provide tools to help you cope with each issue, so you start the path back to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Holistically, we promote mediation to help with anxiety issues. Yoga helps to refresh the body and promotes optimal health. We have trained providers on-hand to teach the fundamentals of these holistic approaches, as they monitor progress pertaining to dual diagnostic issues.

Individual Programs For Reflection Without Critiquing

At our North Carolina rehab, we use holistic measures to promote well-being for each client who wishes to better themselves. We believe in a “no-pressure” type of atmosphere, where clients have the opportunity to spend time on their own if they are not ready to mingle with a crowd. Alone time is a great time for reflection. Being out in the wilderness allows clients to hone in on their feelings about addiction or another issue without worry that someone else will say or do something to hinder recovery. As a client feels more secure in their recovery journey, group activities are added into treatment if desired. We understand that each person is different and allow each client to explore their own pathway toward recovery during their treatment endeavors.

Allow Red Oak Recovery® To Help Holistically

If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction or a mental health issue, holistic treatment may be beneficial in recovery efforts. Red Oak Recovery® offers a gender-separated facility for those ready for rehabilitation. Our men’s treatment center offers many holistic treatment options, including:

Using these measures, along with clinical options, works well as a balanced treatment plan. We look forward to providing you with the best possible experience as you go through your treatment efforts. If you are interested in learning more about Red Oak Recovery®, contact us at 866.457.7590.