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Yoga Therapy

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Holistic treatment in addiction rehab is on the rise. More and more treatment centers have learned the value of mixing evidence-based services with holistic care. One example of holistic treatment is yoga therapy. Do you know what yoga therapy is and how it can benefit those struggling with addiction?

What Is Yoga Therapy?

man participating in yoga therapyThis therapeutic care is a type of holistic treatment. Unlike general counseling, yoga therapy focuses on physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines. It also emphasizes reflective rehabilitation via practices such as meditation, guided imagery, and exercise. A rehab center uses holistic rehab treatment programs, such as therapeutic yoga, to heal the body, spirit, and mind. Few evidence-based rehab services provide support for all three of these key areas. For that reason, it’s very important for people to find a rehab facility that offers both types of treatment.

How Does Yoga Help People Who Have an Addiction?

Yoga therapy can help people with addiction in many ways. First, it reduces stress, which decreases drug cravings. Having less stress also makes dealing with underlying mental issues easier. In fact, yoga can help with several mental disorders beyond addiction, including depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, and anxiety. Finding a way to deal with underlying mental problems is important. In most cases, addiction doesn’t appear alone. Other mental conditions accompany it, and sometimes they are the leading cause of addiction. Since mental disorders affect each other, not dealing with underlying problems can result in relapse after treatment. Second, yoga is a great way to manage acute pain. Sometimes people start abusing pain pills because they suffer from chronic, painful conditions. Therefore, yoga is a great way to relieve pain without medication. Many rehab centers use these practices to help people manage pain more efficiently rather than rely on prescription painkillers. Yoga is also a good hobby that people can enjoy after treatment. Studies show that those who have hobbies after rehab are less likely to relapse. Taking a yoga class can introduce them to new people who maintain healthy lifestyles too. In addition, they can practice yoga on their own for free at home.

General Health Benefits of Yoga Therapy

Yoga doesn’t just help people who struggle with addiction. In general, it provides numerous health benefits for anyone who practices. For example, yoga boosts blood flow, which promotes healing throughout the body. This therapeutic activity also helps the body circulate lymph, which is a fluid that’s rich in immune cells. When it circulates in the body, it boosts the immune system to fight infections and cancers. The body naturally circulates the fluid as the muscles stretch and move around. It’s one reason why exercise is such an important aspect of living a healthy lifestyle.

Holistic Treatments at Red Oak Recovery®

At Red Oak Recovery®, we think that offering holistic addiction treatment programs is just as important as offering evidence-based treatment. That’s why we provide many holistic options, such as yoga therapy and adventure-based therapy. We also create unique treatment options that accurately address the individual concerns of each client. Red Oak Recovery® strives to provide a large number of programs as well. Our goal is to offer a little something for everyone. For instance, we have gender-specific treatment for both men and women. Some of the other programs that we offer include:

Let us show you what yoga therapy can do for you. Learn more about the benefits of mixing evidence-based and holistic treatments. Don’t wait to call Red Oak Recovery® at 866.457.7590.