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Learning the Stages of Recovery

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Learning the Stages of Recovery

young men in a group learn about the stages of addiction recovery

How does recovery begin? The stages of addiction recovery start when someone recognizes that they live with addiction. Addiction does not happen quickly, and recovery takes time to reach as well, so progression through these stages may be slow sometimes.

At Red Oak Recovery® in North Carolina, our team works closely with young men at every stage of the process. Enroll in our young men’s rehab program today by calling 828.382.9699.

Before the Stages of Recovery from Addiction Can Begin

Someone can’t seek help for drug use, substance use, or addiction if they do not realize that there is an issue.

Signs that someone you know may be struggling with addiction include:

  • People notice and make comments about that individual’s substance use.
  • The individual gets annoyed when someone complains about their substance use.
  • They make an effort to hide their substance use, which is a sign of guilt.
  • They use alcohol or drugs in the morning, usually referred to as an eye-opener.

The first step on the recovery journey is to admit that there is a problem. Once they admit that there is an issue that should be addressed, the treatment process can begin.

What Are the Stages of Addiction Recovery?

Addiction recovery progresses through a series of steps where a person goes from recognizing there is a problem to embracing it fully. Yet, that’s rarely a decision made in a single day. For some, it can take years to work through this process.

Acknowledging the Addiction

Most people spend time using drugs or alcohol without recognizing anything is wrong. They enjoy themselves and the benefits these substances bring. Eventually, they come to the point of recognizing there’s a problem. The initial step is when they stop denying the problem and begin to see the value in getting help.

Awareness of Behavior

The next step in recovery is the person recognizing what the behavior is and the consequences of those actions. At this point, a person may begin to see how they’ve hurt loved ones or ruined opportunities for themselves because of their drug and alcohol use. They don’t see a way forward yet and continue to use substances.

Recovery Exploration

In this third stage, a person may try to stop using but often fails at doing so. They may try to cut back or abstain from drug or alcohol use. Most often, they begin to see the value in getting help. Some may start to explore the opportunities available and even learn about addiction treatment programs.

Addiction Recovery Begins

Commitment occurs here. It takes some time to reach this level, but the hard work is really just starting. In this stage, a person learns about their addiction, explores their triggers, and begins to learn strategies to control their compulsive behaviors. They are given the support necessary to stop using, too, which may include detox or medication-assisted treatment (MAT). They may also engage in a range of therapies, such as:

  • Individual counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Evidence-based therapy
  • Medication treatment
  • Medical support
  • Nutritional support

Rehab, however, is just the start of a new, substance-free lifestyle. Aftercare and long-term effort are vital to continued progress.

Aftercare, Relapse, and Maintenance

After rehab, a person moves into aftercare, where there are fewer therapy and group appointments. Relapse risks are high here, but with aftercare support and ongoing encouragement from mentors, many people are able to get through this. That’s when they reach recovery, a time when drugs and alcohol no longer control their actions.

Call Red Oak Recovery® to Start

The stages of addiction recovery cannot begin until someone recognizes their addiction and is ready to engage in treatment. If you or a loved one need help beginning the addiction recovery process, call our team at Red Oak Recovery®. With numerous programs and outstanding opportunities for addiction treatment, you can feel confident in your ability to overcome your challenges. Embrace change now. Call us at 828.382.9699 or connect with us online.