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Is My Loved One Struggling With Depression?

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Is My Loved One Struggling With Depression?

Is my loved one struggling with depression? This question crosses nearly everyone’s mind at one time or another. We all recognize symptoms such as our loved one not seeming to enjoy the things they used to or crying all the time. That said, at Red Oak Recovery®, we try to explain that depression can take many forms, and some aren’t as obvious. Depression can also appear differently, depending on gender or age. Learning about some less common symptoms can make a big difference in being able to reach out and help your loved one. If your loved one needs a depression treatment center, it may be time to seek help from Red Oak Recovery®.

Typical Depression Symptoms

The signs that signal depression to most of us include seeing someone cry often, or appear to be close to crying all the time. The person may never seem to smile, put themselves down consistently, and even talk about not wanting to live. When the symptoms are this plain, we don’t have to ask, “Is my loved one struggling with depression?” We know there is something wrong when they don’t seem interested in anything and may want to do nothing but sleep all the time. However, other symptoms may not be so apparent to you if you haven’t learned about depression.

Is My Loved One Struggling With Depression?

Has your loved one had a drastic change in weight lately? Maybe they suddenly gained twenty pounds or their clothing seems to hang loosely on them. Are they easily angered, or have they started taking needless risks? Perhaps they have begun using substances, making you believe they need an addiction treatment center. These are all things that should make you ask, “Is my loved one struggling with depression?”

Do you have a friend or loved one who you consider to be a realist? This person never seems to be optimistic but can always see the negative aspects of a situation. These are often people dealing with at least a low level of constant depression. Another friend to take a closer look at is the one who is always overly happy. Many people try to hide their depression by putting on a fake smile and becoming the “clown” in everyday situations. Still, others suffer regularly from regular physical symptoms such as stomachaches, headaches, and undefined feelings of “just not feeling well.”

How Age and Gender Differ

Depression can also show itself differently depending on a person’s gender or age. The elderly will often complain about aches and pains more often. The same with a child, who will often say they have a headache or stomachache. Women are more likely to suffer weight-related issues and exhibit more typical depression symptoms. At the same time, men are more likely to resort to drug or alcohol use and become angry or irritated more frequently. Teenagers are also more apt to strike out with aggression when they are depressed.

You may want to question any sudden drastic changes in behavior in your loved one. These are the symptoms that appear most often, but every individual is unique. One person may bury themselves in their work while another may have absolutely no energy and start missing work. Ask yourself if the behavior has changed from the way a person has behaved at other times.

Red Oak Recovery® Can Help

If you believe the answer to “Is my loved one struggling with depression?” is yes, or if you recognize the symptoms in yourself, reach out to us 866.457.7590. Depression and addiction often go hand-in-hand, meaning that your loved one may need a dual diagnosis treatment program. You don’t have to go through this alone when there are people who care about you and helping you live a happier, sober life. Contact us today and start your recovery journey now.