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The Dangers Of Binge Drinking

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The Dangers Of Binge Drinking

Do you live for the weekend and celebrate your time off of work with some alcohol? Do you worry about how much you consume during a session? Binge drinking is defined as the consumption of alcohol so that your body’s blood alcohol concentration hits or exceeds the percentage of 0.08 grams. This pattern of drinking occurs five or more times a month. It tends to occur in younger adults between the ages of 18-34 years. There are, unfortunately, dangers of binge drinking regularly.

Many people tend to binge drinking on weekends or time off of work or school. Knowing the dangers of binge drinking helps to retain treatment if necessary. Read on to learn the dangers of this behavior, signs it is occurring, and how to treat it.

The Dangers Of Binge Drinking

When someone drinks excessively for short durations of time, frequently, binge drinking is a concern. There are many dangers of binge drinking that lead to further problems if you do not stop. Some dangers of binge drinking include:

  • Chronic diseases such as liver function problems, heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure
  • Accidental injuries caused by slip and fall incidents, car crashes, burns, or alcohol poisoning
  • Sexual behavior that leads to sexually transmitted diseases or an unwanted pregnancy
  • Violent behavior including potential suicide attempts
  • Cancer of the mouth, esophagus, throat, breast, liver or colon
  • Difficulty learning or memory problems
  • Eventual dependence on alcohol

With so many risks at play, it is easy to see why avoiding binge drinking is best. If you or a loved one drinks excessively several times a month, there is a potential problem brewing. Luckily, binge drinking is a problem that is avoidable if you use the right tactics to stop it.

Knowing The Signs Of Binge Drinking

To avoid the dangers of binge drinking, knowing whether someone is engaging in this behavior is necessary. Several signs indicate a person’s drinking habits need attention. These include:

  • Drinking on days off of work but refraining on workdays
  • Forgetting what happened during a session of drinking
  • Acting rebellious when drinking when the person usually is quiet and reserved in nature
  • The tendency to not be able to stick to a limit to the amount of alcohol consumed
  • Neglecting things that you generally think of as important
  • Friends and family have indicated they are worried about the behavior of the person drinking

Getting Help Today

To minimize the potential of the dangers of binge drinking, you should take specific steps to change behavior if it becomes a problem. Red Oak Recovery® offers recovery and treatment at gender-specific locations for young adults struggling with addictions of all types, including alcohol. If you or someone you know needs assistance, our facility offers a variety of methods to stop the dangers of binge drinking from causing difficulties. These include but are not limited to:

  • Men’s program
  • Family program
  • Holistic services
  • Alcohol Rehab Program
  • Heroin Rehab Program
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy

Therapeutic Processes:

  • Individual and group addiction therapy services
  • Family Therapy
  • Adventure-Based Therapy
  • 12-Step Group Participation
  • Being of Service to Others
  • Processing Grief and Loss

Red Oak Recovery® is located in Asheville, NC, and caters to young men in the 18-34-year-old age range. In addition to our clinical programs, we believe that a therapeutic approach, along with environmental programs, helps with relaxation and peace while recovering.

If you are interested in finding out more about Red Oak Recovery®, reach out to us to discuss our services. Give us a call today at 866.457.7590.