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Common Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms [Infographic]

Frequent or excessive alcohol consumption can inevitably develop into an addiction. Through continual use, individuals build a tolerance to the drug, meaning they’ll need to drink more to experience the same euphoric effects. Eventually, trying to stop drinking will make you feel sick. This period of illness is called withdrawal. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the common alcohol withdrawal symptoms so you know what to expect from this crucial phase of recovery.

Common Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Depending on how frequently and to what extent you consume alcohol, your experience with withdrawal may be different. As you go through detox, there are three main stages.

The first phase occurs about six to eight hours after your last beverage. During this period you’ll start feeling sick. For example, you might have anxiety, begin vomiting, or be unable to sleep well. Additionally, you might have flu-like symptoms.

The second phase occurs 24-72 hours after drinking. During this period, your blood pressure and body temperature begin rising. Thus, you might start to feel light-headed and confused. Your heart rate may become irregular as well, and you may sweat excessively and become irritable more easily.

Finally, the third phase of alcohol withdrawal symptoms takes place 72+ hours following for your last drink. Overall, this is the most severe peak of the detoxification process. This is when some patients experience DT, or delirium tremens, and seizures. Delirium tremens involve vivid hallucinations and delusions that can be quite disorienting. This phase of withdrawal illustrates how crucial it is to go through detox while under medical supervision.

Detoxification Treatment Options

Many reputable addiction treatment centers across the United States offer detoxification on-site. It’s best to be under the care of addiction experts while withdrawing from alcohol. If any medical complications occur during the uncomfortable process, a physician can step in to administer the right treatment immediately. Additionally, staff can ease your alcohol withdrawal symptoms to make the process far easier.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment with Red Oak Recovery®

Following detoxification, going through rehabilitation at an alcohol addiction treatment center is extremely important. In order to reach lasting recovery, you’ll need the necessary tools to resist triggers and temptation, avoid toxic relationships and places, and build an adequate support system. Fortunately, Red Oak Recovery® in Asheville, North Carolina will help you work towards positive lifestyle change.

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Only you have the power to overcome your addiction. With Red Oak Recovery®’s help, you’ll have to opportunity to reach lasting, life-changing sobriety. Call us today at 866-457-7590 to begin your journey to an addiction-free life.