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What Is Psychotherapy in Addiction Treatment?

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What Is Psychotherapy in Addiction Treatment?

Addiction is a chronic brain disease that requires substantial substance use treatment. One of the most common approaches includes mental health treatment. Exactly what is psychotherapy? And how can it benefit you when you struggle with a substance use problem?

What is Psychotherapy in Addiction Treatment?

what is psychotherapy | Red Oak Recovery<sup>®</sup>When working with people who struggle with chemical dependency issues, a psychotherapy counselor helps the individual target problematic behaviors. An addiction specialist guides a client through various techniques that help to identify dysfunction. Next, the client has the opportunity to identify areas of negativity that he wants to change. Therapist and program participant then collaborate to find tools and means to make this possible.

Case in point is cognitive behavioral therapy. CBT helps you to find destructive patterns in thinking, feeling, and acting. Some clients have never thought through these areas before. Now, you have an opportunity to root out unwelcome ways of thinking with the help of a therapist.

If this approach doesn’t apply to you, there’s also dialectical behavior therapy. It works well for clients who need help with emotional regulation while living with unchangeable circumstances. If you tend to have emotional outbursts in any situation, this form of psychotherapy can be most helpful. A therapist helps to guide you through the appropriate personal growth that you decide you want to experience.

How Psychotherapy Helps in Addiction Counseling

What is psychotherapy? Psychotherapy helps you to understand why you use drugs or alcohol in the first place. Maybe you realize that intrusive thoughts or feelings are scary, and you want to numb them. Perhaps you’re nervous when interacting with others, and you reach for a stimulant to make you more talkative. Psychotherapy facilitates behavioral changes that help end your dependence on substances.

Combining Psychotherapy with Other Treatments

Even though it’s highly effective in overcoming addiction, psychotherapy can’t stand alone as a treatment. Instead, it integrates well with other disciplines. Examples include:

  • Group therapy sessions that help you learn anger management and accountability for sobriety
  • 12 Step addiction recovery meeting attendance, which introduces you to support group help and relapse prevention
  • Life skills training that becomes instrumental when you transition from rehab to independent living
  • Holistic treatments such as Yoga and acupuncture, which help you to heal physically and spiritually
  • Experiential therapies that include art, martial arts, and adventure therapy opportunities

By combining these approaches with psychotherapy, healing takes place on multiple planes. Because drugs affect you not just physically but also mentally and spiritually, this method is vital for recovery. Moreover, because the care you receive allows for a broad range of activities, you’ll enjoy your participation in the program.

If you’re currently struggling with a drug or alcohol problem, it’s time to call for help. You don’t have to suffer in silence for another day just trying to survive. At Red Oak Recovery®, friendly addiction treatment specialists want to help you heal. Call 866-457-7590 now to get started on your recovery journey.