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3 Benefits of a Men’s Rehab Center in North Carolina

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3 Benefits of a Men’s Rehab Center in North Carolina

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There are fundamental cultural and biological issues between men and women regarding problems with substance use. Men tend to develop substance use disorders at almost twice the rate of women. Societal expectations are a big reason that men end up turning to drugs or alcohol. Peer pressure and other environmental factors also play a role. Many men develop problems with alcohol at a young age because they feel they must prove their masculinity by how much they drink. The benefits of men’s rehab help address these specific issues.

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3 Benefits of a Men’s Rehab Program in North Carolina

1. A Change of Scenery Can Help

Sometimes, traveling far from home can shift your thoughts and emotions and help you prepare for immersion in a recovery program. When you change locations, you create space for yourself to heal on an individual level. You may even experience a sense of relief from getting away from people in places that remind you of drug and alcohol use.

Those looking for rehab programs in North Carolina often come to Red Oak Recovery® to break away from negative influences and situational stressors. In return, they gain the aid of caring staff members and structured supervision. Traveling for rehab can help you remain open to new relationships that create a peer group of support. When you commit to traveling to North Carolina for rehab, you increase your chances of maintaining lifelong sobriety.

2. A Men’s Rehab Program in North Carolina Offers a Peaceful Place to Heal

At Red Oak Recovery®, we offer outdoor adventure therapy that takes advantage of the natural beauty of Western North Carolina. Our trips include hikes and other activities to help clients get an appreciation of trees, water, mountains, and the camaraderie of their peers.

In this peaceful setting, you’ll learn how to delve deep into your thoughts and feelings to focus on awareness, endurance, and humility. During this period of introspection, many people find great solace in nature, which gives them the strength to commit to sober living.

Wilderness therapy at our center in North Carolina includes the following activities:

  • Backpacking
  • Fly-fishing
  • Hiking
  • Canoeing
  • Ropes courses
  • Ziplining
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Rock climbing

The committed staff at Red Oak Recovery® engages with clients in healthy activities that help them gain new interests beyond alcohol and drug use. This part of our program is one of the most rewarding experiences for many clients who come to our addiction rehab programs.

3. Less Pressure to Fulfill Cultural and Social Expectations

Men are usually expected to be strong or take on leadership positions. That can cause real or imagined pressure to affect the way some men interact with others, especially in a social setting. In many cultures, a man is seen as successful only when they fulfill qualifications such as:

  • Being gainfully employed
  • Having ambitions
  • Able to provide support support
  • The ability to place work before personal life responsibilities

If a man who is already struggling with addiction doesn’t live up to those expectations, they may find it difficult to focus on their recovery path. One of the major benefits of men’s rehab programs is the opportunity to be in a supportive and understanding environment where there is less pressure to fit into societal expectations. This allows men to focus solely on their recovery journey without any added stress or burdens.

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In Red Oak’s men’s rehab programs, we offer a safe and respectable environment and use the latest research to help young men in our care. You can recover from the pain of anxiety and other mental health conditions by taking part in our dual diagnosis program. We can also help you overcome triggers such as childhood trauma and abuse. These triggers may have influenced the substance use you struggle with.

It takes different approaches to reach young men living with alcohol and drug use disorders. When you start at our treatment center, we will build a meaningful connection with you and develop a personalized treatment plan for you to achieve your recovery goals. Contact Red Oak Recovery® online today or at 828.382.9699 to get started in our young men’s rehab programs in North Carolina.