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Wilderness Therapy Spring Activities

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Wilderness Therapy Spring Activities

Spring is the best time of year to get outside. For those living with mood disorders or working through addiction recovery, wilderness therapy activities can be a great way to reconnect with nature and strengthen the mind and body while reducing stress and promoting sobriety.

If you or a young man you love is ready for wilderness therapy, call Red Oak Recovery® today. Our wilderness therapy programs help men ages 18-30 recover from mood disorders and addiction. Reach us today at 866.457.7590 to learn more about the benefits of wilderness therapy in western North Carolina.

What Is Wilderness Therapy?

Wilderness therapy is a type of alternative therapy that has been used for addiction and mental health since the 1960s. Through ecotherapy, wilderness therapists lead groups and individuals through a range of outdoor activities. Wilderness therapy programs can vary in scope depending on an individual’s needs and program parameters. Some examples of  activities for ecotherapy include:

  • Rafting
  • Hiking
  • Canoeing
  • Ropes courses
  • Camping

Wilderness therapy helps participants to reconnect their bodies and minds through outdoor engagement. Today’s sedentary lifestyles, especially during the winter months, make it difficult to connect to nature, release endorphins, and regulate the nervous system through engaging with nature.

Ecotherapy can involve any activity that offers a connection with nature and these programs can even include harvesting, gardening, plant and animal identification, survival skills training, and large animal therapy. During wilderness therapy, clients also undergo traditional evidence-based behavioral therapy. Together, this holistic approach promotes long-term healing and transformation.

Try Your Own Outdoor Therapy Activities This Spring

While wilderness therapy requires a licensed therapist, there are some outdoor therapy activities you can try on your own this spring. Use the change in seasons to build resilience, promote calm, and find your favorite way to destress outdoors. Here are three outdoor therapies to try this spring:

  • Mindful hiking: Go for a hike without tracking speed, calories, or distance. Instead, pause during a hike to engage with the scenery and listen to how your body feels as you hike. This can increase mind-body awareness and reduce stress.
  • Forest bathing: Originally from Japan, this tradition requires time in a forest. Spend time slowly moving through a wooded area, listening, observing, and breathing in flora and fauna. Studies show trees and other forest plants release pheromones that promote calm and improve mood.
  • Camping: Whether you camp in the backyard or at a nearby campsite, camping allows you to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with yourself and nature. It can help reset sleep patterns and build resilience through manual labor and rest.

These are only a few ways to engage in wilderness therapy activities this spring. For additional support, call our wilderness therapy program today.

Wilderness Therapy for Men in North Carolina

Wilderness therapy is increasingly popular in today’s busy world. If you or a young man in your life could benefit from wilderness therapy for addiction recovery, call Red Oak Recovery® now.

Red Oak Recovery® in Western North Carolina uses traditional and alternative therapies. Clients enjoy yoga, meditation, and wilderness therapy alongside traditional behavioral therapy. Our dual diagnosis treatment helps young men uncover and treat underlying mood disorders during addiction recovery. Our team treats:

  • Process addictions
  • Disordered eating
  • Drug addiction
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Co-occurring disorders

We help young men ages 18-30 regain confidence and build resilience through wilderness therapy for addiction recovery. Our clients love the opportunity to disconnect and find what truly matters in beautiful North Carolina.

Learn More About Wilderness Therapy Activities at Red Oak Recovery®  Today

Still curious about the benefits of wilderness therapy? Red Oak Recovery® can help. Call Red Oak today at 866.457.7590 to learn more and get started with wilderness therapy this spring.