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What Qualifications And Experience Should Substance Use Therapists Have?

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What Qualifications And Experience Should Substance Use Therapists Have?

/When parents are seeking a substance use treatment program for the young adult in their life, there are certain requirements that they will have. They are likely to want to know more about the exact focus of the program – is its focus squarely on short-term addiction intervention or does it take a more holistic approach to clinical care, addressing not just the substance use itself, but also the accompanying emotional issues feeding that use?

However, the additional focus should also be on the substance use therapists themselves. If, for example, the program is about tackling a young person’s issues in a simultaneous and integrated manner, does it have Masters’ level clinicians holding dual licensure in mental health as well as clinical addictions? In addition, what is the relation of the owners to the day-to-day operations of their program? Do they take a hands-on approach, in addition to overseeing strategic decisions?

You may be looking for an adventure-based therapy program, in which case, you will be reassured by a program that is led by experts with a strong track record in the integration of adventure therapy, substance use, and mental health treatment. The creation of a truly effective holistic substance use treatment program – one addressing the client’s physical, mental and emotional health as part of a focus on long-lasting recovery and wellbeing – depends on a team that knows exactly how to develop a cutting-edge program based on past experience and industry research.

The objective of guiding substance-addicted, troubled young adults to genuinely sustained recovery is a difficult one to achieve without the right programming and clinical care. This may encompass experiential therapy, adventure therapy, social skills development, life skills, and unparamounted clinical care – among other elements. A program led by those licensed in professional counseling; clinical addictions; and mental health issues, such as depression, grief and trauma, developmental issues, bipolar disorder, and gender identity issues.

Oftentimes, substance use therapists have first-hand experience of addiction and its effects on themselves and/or their wider families, as well as specialized training in related areas including marriage and family therapy, adventure-based counseling, systemic family interventions, and clinical supervision. Whatever their exact qualifications, the most important qualification of all should be that you have complete confidence in the assistance that they can provide to your young adult.