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What Is Rebt?

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What Is Rebt?

What is REBT and how can it help you? Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) is a kind of cognitive behavior therapy created by Albert Ellis. This therapy focuses on helping clients transform their irrational beliefs. Once someone learns the answer to “What is rational emotive behavior therapy?”, they can also learn what conditions it works for.

What Is REBT?

For clients, the first goal is to learn more about, “What is REBT?” Psychologist Albert Ellis originally made this kind of treatment. When he was young, Ellis wanted to talk to young women. Despite this wish, he was never able to work up the courage to get over his severe fear.

One day, Ellis decided to force himself to talk to 100 different women over the course of a month. By forcing himself to talk to these women, he worked through his fear. Later, he used the same approach in his therapy sessions.

What is REBT today? While rational emotive behavioral therapy has improved slightly, the idea is still quite similar to Ellis’ original concept. The therapy works to challenge our core beliefs and to change irrational beliefs. By doing this, we can facilitate lasting behavior change and less emotional pain.

The therapy revolves around the idea of the ABC theory. This involves an activating event, beliefs and a consequence. The activating event is something that happens in the environment. Then, the belief is what someone believes about the event.

This culminates in the consequence, which is someone’s emotional response to their belief. Each belief leads to our emotional and behavioral response, but events do not cause our responses. In essence, it is only how we react to events that matter and not what actually happens in the event. By changing these beliefs, we can change our emotional response and our entire life.

What Is Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy for?

REBT can work for a variety of different conditions. It can work for substance use problems, anxiety disorders, and other mental health conditions. Anytime someone is limiting themselves by their thoughts and beliefs, it is possible to use REBT. ‘

In practice, this technique is a popular choice for depression and anxiety. People often use it to modify self-defeating and stressful behaviors like eating disorders. When a behavior like aggression or anger harms someone’s quality of life, REBT can help them change the situation.

Imagining a Better Quality of Life

When someone suffers from a mental illness or a substance use disorder, it can feel impossible to overcome these difficulties. In the right treatment program, individuals can work with a therapist to get rid of unwanted thought patterns. At a treatment center, clients can find options such as:

After you find out the answer to, “What is REBT?”, the next step is to discover if this therapy can help with your recovery. Whether you have an addiction or anxiety, Red Oak Recovery® can help you discover a better quality of life. Learn more about what we offer by calling us at 866.457.7590 today.