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Common Types of Depression

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Common Types of Depression

man ponders the types of depression that he could be suffering from Depression and addiction can often occur together in the same person. Successfully treating both conditions requires a good understanding of what each process entails. An individual must understand what depression is and how to manage the common types of depression. Without this knowledge, it can be almost impossible to function normally.

Explaining Clinical Depression

Clinical depression as a mental health diagnosis is very different than the occasional sadness we all feel from time to time. Typical cases of sorrow usually relate to a specific event. Once you resolve the event, the sadness passes. However, clinical depression doesn’t have to be related to anything. Additionally, it can continue for months or even years at a time.

Relating Depression to Addiction

What do depression and addiction have to do with one another? As it turns out, many people seeking treatment for substance use end up discovering they have additional untreated conditions. Some people may start off facing mental health challenges. As a means of coping with these conditions, they may begin to use addictive substances. Others may suffer from depression that results from a primary addiction. Both cases require in-depth treatment protocols to address both complex issues.

Common Types of Depression

Some people may be unaware that different types of depression can exist along with substance use. The following list covers a few common types of depression that could affect a loved one:

Major Depression

Major depression refers to a lasting period of severe depression that interferes with a person’s quality of life. Drastic changes in brain chemistry that require prompt treatment can cause this kind of depression.

Depression featuring Psychosis

In some cases, periods of psychosis can accompany depression. During this type of depression, the person may not be interpreting sensory information correctly. For example, they may see or hear things that aren’t present.

Manic Depression

Manic depression, also called bipolar disorder, is characterized by alternating patterns of intense depression and extreme happiness. During the high periods, a person may feel like they can take on any challenge in the world. During the lows, the depth of the depression experienced is equally severe.

Solutions that Target Both Addiction and Mental Health

When mental health conditions and depression happen together, it can be essential to select a rehab facility skilled in handling a dual-diagnosis. Additionally, grief counseling can help people who are dealing with severe losses or traumatic events.

Red Oak Recovery® is a skilled treatment facility that focuses on providing high-quality young adult rehab programs. Located in the Asheville, NC area, Red Oak makes use of an innovative hybrid program to bring relief from problems such as depression and addiction.

The skilled treatment team at Red Oak Recovery® can provide access to the following treatment protocols:

  • Experiential treatment
  • Clinical programs
  • Trauma intervention
  • Dual-Diagnosis treatment

You don’t have to be controlled by the common types of depression. You can overcome these problems with our help. Call 866-457-7590 to find out how Red Oak Recovery® can help you begin to heal.