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Depression Treatment Centers in North Carolina

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Depression Treatment Centers in North Carolina

woman in need of depression treatment centers North CarolinaDepression and addiction go hand in hand. Therapists call it a dual diagnosis. You can’t treat one without also caring for the other. Here’s what you need to know about the young adult addiction and depression treatment centers North Carolina talks about.

Understanding the Connection between Depression and Addiction

Depression is far more severe than a series of off days. Clinical depression is a mental disorder. It affects people from all walks of life. It also happens to young, healthy adults.

Some choose stimulants such as cocaine to overcome the fatigue that comes with depression. Others pick alcohol, a nervous system depressant, to help them sleep. Still, others may develop an addiction to opioids because they muffle intrusive thoughts and feelings. Getting help at an addiction and depression treatment center is your best option.

What do Addiction and Depression Treatment Centers North Carolina Locals Rely on Offer?

Local young adult rehab programs must provide a stable dual diagnosis component. This means that therapists cater to a population of clients who are likely coming in with co-occurring disorders. As a result, the facilities must offer targeted modalities. Examples include:

  • Men and women’s rehab– These rehabs provide care in gender-specific settings for maximum comfort.
  • Family counseling– Counseling can bring in loved ones to help with the development of a support network.
  • Psychotherapy– This type of therapy emphasizes pattern recognition for healthy changes.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment– Treatment enables you to gain control over the depression.
  • 12 Step addiction recovery– These meetings provide strong peer support and feedback.

Because they’re working with young adults exclusively, these facilities offer experiential therapies that cater to this age group. Examples include wilderness and adventure programs. They combine clinical care with such modalities. However, this practice does more than just offer fun outings.

It lets you interact with peers in recovery. In the process, you apply some of the coping skills you’ve been learning. You also experience how interactions change now that you’re sober and in treatment for depression. It’s fair to say that you’re test-driving sobriety.

Outcomes Offer Hope to Program Participants

Addiction and depression treatment centers North Carolina locals rely on offer hope. After going through the program, you’re ready to live independently. You no longer need a drug to make it through the day. Instead, you have your mental health challenge under control.

As a result, you’re healthily dealing with stressors. Triggers no longer affect you the same way that they did before. You were able to mend relationships with those closest to you. Moreover, you understand that you’re strong enough without drugs to handle what life’s throwing at you.

Depression treatment centers North Carolina trust are here to help you with your recovery. Reach out to Red Oak Recovery® today at 866-457-7590 to learn more about your options.