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Transcendental Meditation Shown to Lessen Trauma Symptoms

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Transcendental Meditation Shown to Lessen Trauma Symptoms

/Transcendental meditation, a technique used to acknowledge and push away distracting thoughts and promote relaxed awareness, has been found to significantly reduce trauma symptoms in female prisoner inmates, according to a new study published in The Permanente Journal.

The inmates were taught Transcendental Meditation by certified teachers, and practiced the relaxation technique 20 minutes twice a day. After four months, study participants experienced such benefits as less stress, better sleep, more mental clarity, greater inner peace and improved relationships.

“This study is a valuable addition to the research literature in women’s mental health, showing a natural and effortless alternative approach to reducing trauma symptoms,” said lead author Dr. Sanford Nidich, director of the Center for Social and Emotional Health at Maharishi University of Management.

5 Reasons to Try Transcendental Meditation Today

Transcendental meditation is a great tool for your recovery –  and, perhaps the best part, it’s easy and you can do it anywhere or anytime. Here are a few of the many perks:

  1. You’ll learn to quell anxiety and stress – both known relapse triggers.
  2. You’ll learn to stay in the present and to think before you act or react – for example, before you give into a craving.
  3. You’ll learn to be more mindful of your thoughts, behaviors and triggers.
  4. You’ll learn to notice and accept your thoughts without passing judgment or getting caught up in their meanings.
  5. You’ll learn to better control your emotions.

Trauma-Informed Addiction Treatment for Women

The Willows at Red Oak Recovery® is a clinically dynamic, trauma-informed treatment center. In helping women to recover from the impact of trauma in their lives, we utilize an integrated treatment approach that includes meditation as well as other conventional and holistic modalities. To learn more, call: 866.457.7426.