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Substance Use in the Workplace

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Substance Use in the Workplace

Substance use in the workplace affects everyone involved. Like most people, individuals who have a drug addiction have to work to earn money. When they are using drugs while working, it puts the health and safety of everyone else at risk. When an individual is abusing drugs, they need an addiction treatment center for help.

The Problem of Substance Use in the Workplace

With substance use in the workplace, the employee, their co-workers, and employers experience negative consequences. Substance use impairs an individual’s job performance and threatens public safety. Other than accidents and deaths, substance use can lead to poor decision-making. It can increase the chances that someone will have trouble with their tasks, co-workers, or supervisors.

Substance use in the workplace can decrease morale and make the workplace less efficient. The individual is more likely to be late or absent from work. Because they focus so much on finding and using substances, they may not concentrate or pay attention. Illegal activities like theft are more likely to occur when someone suffers from substance use in the workplace.

The employer also suffers when employees use drugs or alcohol. Because the individual is more likely to have problems at work, they may quit or get fired. This causes a higher turnover rate and costly training of new employees. Ultimately, everyone at work ends up suffering when someone has an addiction.

How Do You Know If Someone Is Using Drugs?

Many people try to hide their drinking habits or drug use, so it is not always easy to tell when someone has a problem. Co-workers may notice that the employee shows erratic behavior or has a lot of accidents. They may have slurred speech, dilated pupils or glassy eyes.

If someone is using drugs, they may be absent from work or frequently hungover. Co-workers may notice that the individual seems to be constantly tired. The individual may also show signs like extreme mood swings and paranoia.

When someone uses drugs or alcohol at work, co-workers should tell their supervisor or a human resource officer. The individual needs professional help, and their addiction puts everyone else at risk. Employees sometimes worry that telling a supervisor will hurt the individual’s career or make them upset. In reality, the individual needs someone to reach out and intervene so that they can start recovering from their addiction.

Finding the Right Addiction Treatment Program

If you suspect substance use in the workplace, drug rehab centers in NC can help your coworker or employee. Evidence-based programs and therapy help individuals learn about their addiction. More importantly, a treatment center provides support and a safe environment for clients to get clean. At a treatment center, you can find programs such as:

An addiction can make living a normal life feel impossible at times, but recovery is within reach. Through the support of Red Oak Recovery®, you can change your life for the better and overcome your addiction. Find out more information about how we can help by calling us at 866-457-7590.