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Signs of Alcohol Dependence

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Signs of Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol seems like a safe drug. After all, it is legal, affordable, and everyone seems to use it. Yet, for some people, alcohol addiction can occur. Alcohol use disorder is defined by a person developing a dependence on the substance. When this happens, it can mean that you may find it very hard to stop using on your own. Knowing the signs of alcohol dependence can help you to avoid this. Our team at Red Oak Recovery® can help you as well. If you’re struggling to control an addiction to alcohol, contact our men’s addiction treatment center in North Carolina today at 866.457.7590.

What Are the Signs of Alcohol Dependence?

The term alcohol dependence means that a person is now dependent on the use of alcohol. That means your brain’s chemistry has changed. It now needs and craves alcohol in order for it to work and function as it should. If you do not drink, you feel cravings to do so. For many people, the signs of alcohol dependence also signal the need for professional support. Here are some of them.

  • You have trouble limiting how much you are drinking.
  • You want to reduce or limit what you drink, but you cannot do so.
  • You feel that if you do not have a drink, you can’t think or function.
  • You may be hiding how much you are drinking.
  • You may feel nausea, shaking, or sweating when you do not drink.
  • You may have developed a tolerance, which means you need more often.

When you have these signs of alcohol dependence, it’s also important to remember that your brain will make it very hard, if not impossible, to stop using it on your own. When you have a dependence on alcohol, your body believes that you need it to function. When you suddenly remove alcohol from your body, it reacts violently, as it tries to relearn how to function without it. This reaction is known as withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are problematic because they mean you can’t just stop. You will need to keep drinking, and often, that means more of the alcohol you crave.

How Can You Stop Dependence?

If you are facing dependency, it is critical to work aggressively at getting help. Our team of professionals is here to work with you, one step at a time, to reach a level of sobriety. To do this, you will need to seek out professionals who can guide you.

Our team does this through a variety of tools, including understanding why you may be using alcohol, such as trauma or emotional concerns. We can help you with the underlying mental health conditions that occur as well. What is most important is having access to the care you need. Let our team help you by providing you with addiction treatment programs such as:

When you are able to embrace this level of support, you can break the dependence. The key here is to ensure you have the right resources available to you to help you achieve this.

Now Is the Time to Get Help – Call Red Oak Recovery® Today

When you see the signs of alcohol dependence in your life, it may be a realization that you need help. At this point, you cannot stop using on your own, but treatment programs can empower you, giving you back that control. Our team at Red Oak Recovery® offers a wide range of programs designed to do just that. Contact Red Oak Recovery® now at 866.457.7590 to learn more.