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Common Myths about Depression

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Common Myths about Depression

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, almost 13 percent of adolescents have experienced at least one episode of major depression. Even though depression is relatively common, there is a stigma associated with it. Identifying the truths about depression can make you realize that it’s ok to speak out and seek help. Below are some myths about depression that can perpetuate feelings of shame and make it harder for people who struggle with the disease to recover.

You Can Pull Yourself Out Of Depression

young woman wonders about the myths about depressionOne of the most prevalent myths about depression is that the disorder is a matter of willpower. You can’t just snap out of it and slide into optimal mental health.

Many people who suffer from depression want to be healthy. They crave the ability to feel like they’re in control of their life. They may even work diligently to train their emotions, which can make them feel worse when everything keeps going haywire.

According to research, depression compromises the neurological processes involved in regulating negative emotions. As these individuals try to suppress damaging feelings, they stimulate the areas of the brain that are responsible for producing fear. This makes them get more negative messages, perpetuating the problem.

Getting treatment from an experienced professional can help you learn how to manage overwhelming thoughts and feelings in a way that works constructively with your brain chemistry.

You Can Cure Depression By Finding Its Cause

One of the common myths about depression is that stress, trauma or sadness always trigger it. It’s normal to feel sad when you go through a traumatizing or distressing event. However, grief from an adverse event is different than depression.

Moreover, mood disorders can come on without an obvious trigger. It can be confusing to experience symptoms of depression when everything seems to be going well in your life. That’s one reason why it’s important to seek treatment for this unpredictable disease.

Medication Is The Best Treatment For Depression

Medication is a valuable resource when it comes to treating depression. Antidepressants change your brain chemistry, which can help you process information differently and reduce symptoms of the disorder.

However, medications don’t work the same for everyone. They can also take time to start working. Antidepressants may even produce undesirable side effects that make taking them risky or ineffective. For example, people younger than 25 may experience an increase in suicidal thoughts when they take antidepressants.

Pharmaceuticals alone aren’t always enough to help someone recover. A depression treatment plan should also incorporate other types of therapy.

If You Ignore Depression, It Will Go Away

One of the myths about depression is that you can ignore it to make it disappear. Many Americans, especially males, are raised to suppress strong emotions. Children are often told to “snap out of it” or “brush it off” when they’re feeling extremely sad or angry. This mentality can produce teenagers or young adults who have trouble expressing themselves.

However, being able to identify and convey your feelings is vital for understanding and dealing with depression.

There is no standard approach to treating depression. At Red Oak Recovery®, we offer young adult rehab programs that take your unique needs into account. We encourage individuals to express themselves in our safe, compassionate environment through methodologies such as:

We are more than just a rehab center; we are a depression treatment center for young adults. Call us at 866-457-7590 to learn how we can help you through this tough time and combat the myths about depression together.