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Men’s Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program Alternatives for Fairfax, VA Residents

Experience clinician-run addiction treatment at Red Oak Recovery® in the pristine Blue Ridge Mountains

Men’s Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program Alternatives for Fairfax, VA Residents

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the weight of addiction? Is it impacting your finances, relationships, and health? Red Oak Recovery® offers alternatives to a men’s alcohol addiction treatment program for Fairfax, VA residents. Here you get the support you need to begin reclaiming your life and living well. To learn more about our men’s treatment program in North Carolina, contact the experts at Red Oak Recovery® today.

Why Choose a Men’s Alcohol Rehab

It won’t surprise you that studies show men and women are different when it comes to how and why they drink. Because of that, those looking for a men’s alcohol addiction treatment program in Fairfax, VA must find a center sensitive to these differences regardless of where that might be.

For example, men and women tend to relapse for different reasons and triggers. Men are more likely to be financially responsible for someone. Women have to consider how alcohol may impact an unborn child. So gender-specific rehabs respect these differences. Also, rehab requires you to get real about life choices and feelings. Some of it may be embarrassing to share in mixed company. That’s especially true if you’ve experienced trauma related to women in your life. When it’s just men in a group, you’ll find it easier to get honest about how you feel. When you do, you can heal more quickly. At Red Oak Recovery®, we have a team of therapists who specialize in men’s recovery needs.

What to Expect In Rehab

So when looking for alternatives to a men’s alcohol addiction treatment program in Fairfax, VA, you have to wonder what you have to look forward to during treatment? At Red Oak Recovery® in North Carolina, you’ll find we have the full range of clinical and holistic treatments. Holistic treatments focus on allowing you to heal completely from addiction. Our treatment programs work together to support healing, mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

You’re looking for this at an alcohol addiction treatment program in Fairfax, VA. But you’ll find your individualized treatment plan in NC, where it may include:

  • Working through a painful trauma
  • Replacing negative habits with healthy ones
  • Dealing with bottled-up anger, sadness, or jealousy and learning to manage it in real-time
  • Identifying your triggers and managing them
  • Discovering how to be more present-focused, to strengthen relationships and be more productive in everything you do

You may also attend hiking, yoga, adventure therapy, and other holistic treatments that inspire living well.

Leaving VA to Go to NC for Treatment

So is leaving Virginia to go to North Carolina for treatment a smart move? Here’s what to consider.

First, in your own community, you’re surrounded by people and places that you associate with drinking. These people and places could cause you to relapse before you really begin treatment. However, going out of state takes you away so you can focus on you.

You’ll also find it more inspiring. For example, Red Oak Recovery® is set in some majestic mountains in North Carolina, which will allow you to feel more refreshed and alive.

Finally, the resources available in your community may not be the best for your unique needs. Through more specialized services, you can experience the most lasting recovery.

Men’s Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program for Fairfax, VA Residents

Red Oak Recovery® in North Carolina builds a unique plan around your needs to deliver the best treatment and lasting recovery. We offer programs like:

Are you ready to re-take control of your life and experience a more fulfilling life in recovery? Then it’s time to contact us at 866.457.7590 to speak with a compassionate addictions specialist.