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How to Improve Communication Skills

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How to Improve Communication Skills

One of the most important things you learn in recovery is how to improve communication skills. Miscommunication, hurt feelings, and stress from relationships all feed substance use and addiction. So by learning how to communicate more effectively in rehab, you gain relief from some of these stresses that would otherwise lead you down a dark path to relapse.

How to Improve Communication Skills in Recovery

a group session discussing how to improve communication skillsWhether you seek treatment now or have already started recovery from drugs or alcohol, learning how to improve communication skills plays a big part in your healthy, happy future. You can avoid the pitfalls of relapse by understanding the world around you better, not internalizing things beyond your control, and knowing how to communicate with others.

How to improve communication skills in recovery includes:

  • Listening to others
  • Understanding how others hear you
  • Not taking things personally
  • Finding compromise
  • Remaining calm and logical

You can start working on these methods of how to improve communication skills, regardless of when you start rehab treatment. Social skills development like this makes up a big part of your rehab experience. You get to practice these communication skills as you learn them, among your male peers in your young adult rehab programs.

Why Improving Communication Matters in Recovery

As you work on your recovery in rehab, you go through individual and group therapy sessions. Group therapy helps you learn how others see you and respond to your communications. You also learn how to respond to others. In these ways, group therapy helps you understand your own communications style and what you must work on for healthier relationships.

In individual therapy, you expand on what you learn in group sessions, the particular things that play a big role in your own recovery. At the same time, you gain a therapist’s feedback regarding how you communicate and ways to think and behave for better life results.

Of course, in all rehab therapy programs, you build coping skills and life skills. As part of these skills, communication plays a big role. You learn the impact of your words and nonverbal cues on others, particularly people you love. You see how your communication style has affected how people relate to you.

In rehab, you start realizing how your communications cause a domino effect toward life goals, too. If you felt beaten down, isolated or unsuccessful in areas of your life, communication likely played a part in those feelings.

All of this learning comes together in building new communication skills. You become more present and positive in your relationships when you apply what you learn. You stop internalizing negativity and learn to talk through problems.

Using your skills, you start seeing benefits like repaired relationships and new, positive people in your life. Your self-esteem builds as you feel more confident in engaging with others. Conversations deepen, and you experience real connections that matter, for the first time in a long time. This helps you maintain strength against relapse, as you no longer retreat to drugs or alcohol in isolation.

Building Your Communication Skills near Asheville, NC Men’s Rehab

Entering men’s rehab treatment near Asheville, NC gives you the perfect setting and opportunity to improve your communication skills and other aspects of your life. In the all-male environment, you feel safe and secure enough to practice what you learn. You also understand your rehab peers better, when many gender issues are set aside for gender-specific treatment.

Therapies and programs in rehab that you improve your communication include:

  • Addiction treatment among male peers
  • 12-step program
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Trauma therapy
  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy

Learn how to improve communication skills for a better life as you achieve strong recovery near Asheville, NC. Contact Red Oak Recovery® now at 866-457-7590 to learn more about men’s programs and what else you learn as part of rehab.