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What to Look for in Holistic Mental Health Treatment Centers

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What to Look for in Holistic Mental Health Treatment Centers

While overcoming an addiction to drugs can be a demanding and challenging journey, it’s important to know that recovery and healing are possible. Finding the right holistic mental health treatment center is imperative to your health. However, many individuals don’t know what to look for in recovery facilities. Read the following quick reference guide to understand more about holistic mental health treatment and if it would be ideal for you.

If you or a loved one is struggling with mental health issues or an addiction, Red Oak Recovery® may be able to help. Our holistic healing approach combines traditional therapy with outdoor adventure and experiential activities. Contact us at 866.457.7590 today to learn more about how our holistic mental health treatment could potentially help you or your loved one.

What Should I Look for in Holistic Mental Health Treatment Centers?

Once an individual recognizes the importance of treatment for addiction, it’s time to determine which facility would offer the best addiction treatment programs. One factor to consider when you begin researching holistic mental health treatment centers is whether the organization in question offers comprehensive services. When you begin your search for holistic mental health treatment centers, determine whether they offer the following restorative services:

  • Gardening – Cultivating plants and tending to a garden can have calming, grounding effects on individuals in recovery.
  • Yoga – Practicing yoga can help improve mental clarity, physical flexibility, and overall well-being.
  • Art therapy – Expressing oneself through art can provide a release for emotions and aid in the healing process.
  • Nutrition counseling – Addressing and improving nutritional habits can have a positive impact on overall health, particularly for those in recovery.
  • Adventure therapy – Participating in outdoor activities and adventures can improve self-confidence and provide unique opportunities for personal growth.
  • Trauma-informed staff – Trauma can play a significant role in addiction, so it’s important to work with therapists and staff who are trauma-informed and sensitive to unique triggers and challenges.
  • Mindfulness – Mindfulness practices can help individuals remain present, manage stress, and focus on recovery goals

Another aspect to consider is what type of insurance options are available to you. For example, you may want to ask the facility’s customer service representative whether out-of-network insurance provider options are available.

In addition to asking about insurance options, it may be important to determine whether the addiction treatment facility in question works with specific communities. For example, a client may find it helpful and reassuring to work with a treatment professional who has experience counseling or assisting members of the LGBTQ community.

After individuals determine whether their unique needs will receive attention within the clinical setting, they should think about whether the drug treatment facility in question offers programs and services that will facilitate holistic health.

A Qualified, Competent Staff

You should also consider searching for the quality of staff when seeking out a holistic mental health treatment center. Whether the facility employs, qualified, competent staff should be crucial in your decision. Many factors must be considered to determine whether treatment professionals will be able to offer high-quality, effective care. One thing to consider is the educational background of the treatment professionals in question. In many cases, treatment facilities will provide a brief summary of a representative’s educational background on their website.

In addition to considering the degree or certificates that a professional has, be sure to assess their level of experience. Generally, professionals who have been successfully practicing for over five years have the hands-on experience necessary.

Seek a Better, Brighter Future With Red Oak Recovery®

Although addiction can be a big hurdle, seeking the right holistic mental health treatment center can be the solution. When you search for the ideal treatment facility, consider Red Oak Recovery®. Our team helps individuals on the road to recovery by focusing on young men’s addiction, trauma therapy, and family healing. To learn more about our holistic approach to mental health treatment, contact us at 866.457.7590 or by using our online form today.