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Examining Core Values to Guide Recovery

Experience clinician-run addiction treatment at Red Oak Recovery® in the pristine Blue Ridge Mountains

Examining Core Values to Guide Recovery

When working through a 12-step program for drug and alcohol treatment in North Carolina, core values to guide recovery are necessities. Losing old, negative patterns of thinking and re-learning how to trust and lean on others are keys to success. If you’re a young adult male between the age of 18-30 who is struggling with substance use disorder, or if you’re concerned about your child’s use of drugs, Red Oak Recovery® offers 12-step addiction recovery in North Carolina that can help you and your family find the way back.

What Are the Core Values to Guide Recovery?

While all 12-step programs require a similar dedication, not all focus on the same core values to guide recovery. At Red Oak Recovery®, we hold 12 truths to be self-evident, the most important of these include:

  • Honesty — we’re honest with ourselves and admit that we are helpless to change without assistance
  • Hope — we have hope that through hard work and a positive attitude, our lives will change for the better
  • Surrender — we surrender ourselves to our higher power and learn to lean on him or her for guidance and support
  • Courage — we have the courage to revisit our past without letting it define our future
  • Service — we give back to the community, to peers and to ourselves when we’re able

The 12-step program at Red Oak Recovery® is unique because it allows those in recovery to work the steps that apply to them while disregarding those steps that don’t feel necessary. The characteristics listed here, however, are considered relevant across all recoveries. Without them, it becomes difficult or even impossible for someone suffering from the chronic condition of addiction to achieve and maintain a drug-free lifestyle.

Anchors in a Sea of Chaos

The individual steps in a 12-step program are similar to anchors that keep you or your loved one from drifting off-course. When you’re fully embracing the most important of the twelve, you’re tied on tightly, and even gale-force winds will have trouble dislodging you. Once you begin untying ropes, however, or if you fail to secure all the ropes, your hold becomes tenuous at best.

And it takes a strong rope and a secure anchor to survive the tempestuous seas of addiction.

That’s where Red Oak Recovery® is waiting to help. Without judgment and without criticism, we teach you how to hold on — even on the darkest, most stormy days. There will always be clear skies on the horizon. It’s up to you to decide how long it takes to reach them.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment at Red Oak Recovery®

Red Oak Recovery® is a drug and alcohol treatment facility in North Carolina. We offer specialized treatment for males between the ages of 18 and 30. Red Oak Recovery® is beautifully situated in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Recovery is facilitated by scenic, sweeping vistas, miles of quiet walking trails, and experiential, hybrid therapy that centers around wilderness adventure activities. Recovery at Red Oak looks like serene woodlands, pristine lakes, crackling campfires, and beautiful landscapes. It includes individual, group, and family therapy programs. It means unending, unwavering support from staff and peers. And it involves the exploration of the core values to guide recovery that nudges us gently to success.

When you’re ready to feel better and to move forward to a drug-free future, call us at 866.457.7590. If you’re ready to help your child or another young person in your life move forward from substance use disorder, our young adult rehab programs can help. Life is better when it’s guided by honesty, hope, surrender, courage, and service. Come find out for yourself all that Red Oak Recovery® can provide.