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Why Shouldn’t I Choose a Drug Rehab Program in Naples, FL?

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Why Shouldn’t I Choose a Drug Rehab Program in Naples, FL?

Your family members are ecstatic that you’ve finally chosen to seek a rehab program to treat your drug addiction. They’re pushing you to choose a drug rehab program in Naples, FL. However, there’s a tiny voice in your head saying, “Maybe that’s not the right option for me.” If you’re looking for reasons to choose an out-of-state addiction treatment program, we can help. At Red Oak Recovery®, our Asheville, NC treatment facility can help you achieve your dreams of sobriety. Learn more by calling Red Oak Recovery® today. 

Why Shouldn’t I Choose a Drug Rehab Program in Naples, FL?

There are a variety of reasons to attend an out-of-state rehab program. One of these reasons is that it lets you take a break from friendships or relationship problems that have led to your addiction. Maybe every time you hang out with your friends, you end up snorting cocaine. Perhaps your girlfriend is a heroin addict who is always offering you some of her stash. Breaking away from these relationships while you get clean can remove a severe stumbling block from your recovery process. 

Another reason not to choose a drug rehab program in Naples, FL is that you can maintain your reputation. If your job depends on having a stellar reputation, you may be reluctant to choose an option close to home. After all, what if someone saw? By selecting an out-of-state option, you will altogether remove yourself from people who might judge your choices. 

Additionally, a sober community that provides peace can be a great advantage to your sobriety. You build friendships with people who have walked the same paths you have, in a serene environment that we’ve designed specifically to assist in your addiction treatment. 

Finally, not choosing a drug rehab program in Naples, FL removes you from temptation and relapse risks. If you stay close to home, you still see friends and family members who have encouraged you to use drugs. You still live in that drab little apartment that stinks of drugs. You can’t break free from your addiction in these conditions. Experts suggest that you stay away from your triggers while you’re in the first steps of the recovery process. By choosing an out-of-state option, you are away from the people, places, and things that might encourage you to fall back into your addiction.

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If you’re ready to choose an out-of-state facility instead of a drug rehab program in Naples, FL, we’re prepared to help you. At Red Oak Recovery®, we treat men ages 18-30 to overcome the addiction that has held them back. To that end, we offer a wide variety of holistic and evidence-based therapies that we designed to treat several addictions. We treat many substance dependencies, including:

It’s not too late to get the treatment you’ve needed for so long. To learn more about our treatment programs, call Red Oak Recovery® at 866.457.7590 today.