Even when someone has a prescription for Xanax, it is still possible to develop an addiction. Like most drugs, someone can develop a tolerance when they take Xanax. Once they have an addiction, a Xanax addiction treatment center can help them begin the recovery process. With the best Xanax addiction treatment center North Carolina offers, clients can take charge of their life and overcome the debilitating effects of their addiction. Young adult rehab programs in North Carolina specialize in the addiction treatment that your teen needs.

The Signs of an Addictionhand holds white tablets while others spill on the floor from a bottle and show the need for a xanax addiction treatment center

Xanax consists of a drug that scientists call alprazolam. This drug is extremely addictive, but doctors will commonly prescribe it for things like generalized anxiety, panic disorder, and stress. Sometimes, people may have a prescription for Xanax. In other cases, they buy it illegally on the street.

When someone takes Xanax, it immediately works to relax the muscles. It reduces anxiety and restlessness. This drug can also lead to rebound symptoms. In essence, this means that the symptoms you take Xanax for will return even worse when you stop taking your medication.

While each person is unique, Xanax has a few common side effects. The individual may experience mood swings, libido issues, relaxation, euphoria, or irritability. Physically, the individual may suffer from fatigue, dizziness, vomiting, slurred speech, poor coordination, nausea, tremors, or shortness of breath. Additionally, they may develop memory problems, confusion or seizures.

Someone may need to go to a Xanax addiction treatment center if they cannot control how often they use Xanax. They may have intense urges to use or require more Xanax to achieve the same high. Someone may need the best Xanax addiction treatment center North Carolina offers if they cannot stop using the drug on their own or engage in risky behaviors while they are using it.

How Can a Xanax Addiction Treatment Center Help?

By going to a Xanax addiction treatment center, clients can get the support they need to become sober. During treatment, clients can get help through options like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). This popular therapy helps people understand the underlying disorder. It gives clients healthy coping strategies they can use instead of resorting to their addiction.

Other than CBT, clients can also benefit from programs like self-control training, addiction education, cue exposure, and individual counseling. Family and marital counseling help clients heal rifts in their relationships that happened because of their addiction. In addition, family counseling helps families learn how they can support the individual during their recovery process.

How to Prevent a Relapse

At the best young adult rehab programs North Carolina offers, clients can also learn through relapse prevention therapy. An addiction is a chronic disease, so it is impossible to truly cure a substance use disorder. Instead, clients learn ways to manage their chronic illness and prevent a relapse from occurring.

Aftercare programs like group support meetings and individual counseling can help individuals prevent a relapse. Self-care activities like getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet are also important. Individuals should develop a support network and avoid potential drug triggers. Mindfulness meditation can also be an extremely useful coping mechanism.

Discovering the Care You Need

A Xanax addiction treatment center can help you diagnose and treat your substance use disorder. Through nutritional support, counseling, and other options, you can begin your recovery journey right away. Red Oak Recovery can help through options such as:

No one deserves the pain of suffering through addiction alone. Red Oak Recovery is here to help you become sober. Find out more by calling our Xanax addiction treatment center at 828.382.9699 today.