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The Link Between Depression and Alcoholism

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The Link Between Depression and Alcoholism

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When you feel down, alcohol may indeed temporarily lift your spirits or numb you to your troubles. But there’s a link between your depression and alcoholism that you should know about. Drinking to numb your feelings can lead to long-term issues—including worsening depression.

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Do People with Depression Drink More?

Around the country, many people struggle with both depression and alcoholism—or, more appropriately, alcohol use disorder. In fact, depression is one of the leading causes of alcohol addiction. Moreover, depressed people who drink are also more likely to engage in self-harm. That’s because the more you drink, the less likely you are to consider the consequences.

People with depression who aren’t getting proper treatment may also “self-medicate” with alcohol. However, alcohol only masks the problems and does nothing to treat depression. In fact, drinking alcohol makes prescription anti-depressants, as well as other depression treatments, less effective. As a result, you drink more alcohol to make up for the fact that your medications aren’t working.

Do People with Alcohol Abuse and Depression Feel Worse?

Here’s the truth about depression and alcoholism. Alcohol is a depressant, not an anti-depressant.

You might know this because drinking too much makes you tired and often leads to mood crashes. It has these immediate effects. But it also changes your brain in several ways.

First, it shrinks the part of your brain that deals with tough emotions and decision-making. That means it’s harder to process how you’re feeling, leading to mental health and relationship challenges like:

Additionally, alcohol messes with your body’s natural relaxation and happiness hormones. As a result, it’s hard for your body to regulate how you feel automatically. So you turn to artificial means.

So, as you can see, depression and alcohol use disorder create a vicious cycle. But the good news is that dual diagnosis treatment can help.

Depression and Alcoholism Treatment

Because of this vicious cycle, professionals must consider both conditions together during the treatment. Simultaneous treatment is essential when you’re struggling with depression and alcohol use disorder. If you only get treatment for one condition, the other one will eventually lead you back into the cycle. That’s why many people who have tried to quit drinking before eventually return to the bottle; they don’t have the tools that they need to combat the uninhibited symptoms of depression.

Dual diagnosis treatment addresses both at the same time. As a result, you step out of this nightmare and begin rebuilding your life.

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