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Are Clarksville, MD Rehab Centers the Best Choice for My Loved One?

You want to ensure that your loved one gets quality help with their addiction. You may think that local is the best way to go for treatment and are considering Clarksville, MD rehab centers. However, there may be better options that aren’t local and in other states. You might find that the best choice for your loved one is one of the effective addiction treatment programs in Asheville, North Carolina.

Maryland Addiction Rates Continue to Rise

In 2021, Maryland saw a new record-high number of unintentional intoxication deaths—2,129 people died as a result of drug and alcohol intoxication.1 Even more troubling, the synthetic opioid fentanyl was involved in nearly 84% of these cases. Unfortunately, as the drug becomes more prevalent, more people are dying as a result of using drugs.

The number of unintentional intoxication deaths in Maryland has dramatically risen since 2011. In fact, it has spiked by more than 422%.2 With the dramatic spike in drug overdose deaths, local and state resources in Maryland continue to work diligently to help people struggling with drugs and alcohol. Among them are Clarksville, MD rehab centers.

While many of these centers offer quality care, they may be too close to home for many struggling with addiction. Breaking them away from the triggers of home, work, and school in places they frequent can help improve their chance of recovery.

Will Clarksville, MD Rehab Centers Work for my Loved One?

It makes sense that Clarksville, MD drug men’s rehab is the first option you’re looking at. You want to keep your loved one close and be able to visit while they’re going through treatment. It’s also an area that they’re going to be comfortable with. Understandably, you’re going to want to try and keep them in their comfort zone as much as possible.

While searching for options, you’ll probably find that Clarksville, MD rehab centers offer things like dual diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis treatment can often be challenging to find. It deals with both the addiction and underlying mental illness that may have driven the addiction. This ensures that your loved one gets all of their issues covered and they get the correct treatment for their diagnoses.

As you can tell from the name, there are male-specific treatment options in Clarksville, MD. This offers a unique benefit for your loved one. He can be surrounded by his peers in a setting where he’s comfortable. It encourages men to bond and share emotions with each other so that they can work through the addictions they’re all struggling with. It adds an extra layer to the service.

Why Clarksville, MD Drug Men’s Rehab May Be Problematic

While you may think it’s the right choice to keep them in their comfort zone, getting them out of it might actually be what’s best for their recovery. Some friends and family are supportive of their treatment, but others are the ones with whom they shared drugs in the first place. It’s important to get your loved one away from their influence, as well as familiar places to get their hands on drugs.

In addition, Red Oak Recovery® offers quality dual diagnosis treatment, as well as a men’s rehab program. However, unlike Clarksville, MD rehab centers, it offers a beautiful setting in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This allows us to offer many unique offerings that other treatment centers may not provide, such as wilderness therapy.

Head to Red Oak Recovery®

Red Oak Recovery® is equipped with the most compassionate, caring staff to help you get past your addiction. We’re ready to welcome you with open arms and no judgment so you can start your journey to recovery.

We offer many services to give you the best help, including:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Clinical rehabilitation
  • Family counseling
  • Behavioral therapy

Call us today at 866.457.7590 or contact us online to get your loved one the help they need today.



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