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Do I Have a Binge Drinking Problem

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Do I Have a Binge Drinking Problem

Binge drinking is a common problem that can affect your physical and mental health. Over time, drinking at simple social events can quickly turn into an issue. To put your loved one back on the right track, you need to find young adult rehab programs today.

How a Binge Drinking Problem Works

Binge drinking is actually the most common type of excessive alcohol use in the country. The definition of this type of drinking is when someone’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is higher than 0.08 grams percent. For a man, this works out to about five drinks in roughly two hours. Women have to drink about four drinks in the same time period to reach that BAC. However, it’s important to know that recent studies are encouraging states to begin lowering this percentage. In fact, Utah became the strictest state on drinking under the influence, lowering the percentage to 0.05.

A binge drinking problem is not quite the same as just binge drinking. While many adults binge drink each month, only some of these adults are dependent on alcohol. Even if they do not have a binge drinking problem or an addiction, it can still cause lasting health effects. Binge drinking can lead to alcohol poisoning, memory issues, high blood pressure, liver disease, stroke, learning problems, and heart disease. It can also cause cancer of the mouth, throat, liver, breast, colon, and esophagus.

When Does Binge Drinking Become an Issue?

A binge drinking problem rarely develops overnight. Over time, this drinking habit can turn into alcohol dependency or addiction. Individuals may notice that they suddenly have an increased tolerance and need more alcohol to achieve the same buzz.

Another sign of a binge drinking problem is when you cannot stop after one drink. You tell yourself that you will have just one drink, but then you realize that you are craving a second or third drink as well. Afterward, you may feel guilty or ashamed that you drank too much.

Binge drinking may be an issue when alcohol is a reward for every project at work or each celebration. From facing annoying traffic to enjoying a movie, it suddenly seems like everything is an excuse to drink.

What to Do If You Have an Addiction

If you have a drinking problem or suffer from mental health issues, you are not alone. Millions of people suffer from addictions to drugs and alcohol. At an alcohol addiction treatment center in North Carolina, you can take the first step in rebuilding your life. The treatment center may offer programs such as:

You do not have to live with an addiction forever. Red Oak Recovery® can help you discover the tools and treatment options you need to become sober. Find out about our program options now by calling us at 866-457-7590.