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Benefits of Having a Sober Summer Vacation

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Benefits of Having a Sober Summer Vacation

Between the months of June and August every year, people around the country go on summer vacation. It’s a time to gather as a family, take a break from work, and, in many instances, enjoy delicious meals. However, one tradition may not be so pleasant for people in addiction recovery: the prevalence of alcohol or drugs. Having a sober vacation can be a challenge.

Summer vacation can apply unwanted pressure to break from what you’ve worked hard to achieve. But you don’t want your summer to take an abrupt turn for the worst. At Red Oak Recovery®, we can provide support for those wanting to enjoy sober activities this summer. For more information on the support we provide, please contact Red Oak Recovery® today at 866.457.7590.

Tips for Enjoying a Sober Vacation

Without a doubt, staying sober this summer may not be easy. Don’t fret, though. A sober vacation, free of alcohol abuse, is more than possible. Here are some ways to make the annual family or large group gathering happen:

  • Know what you want to say. If you expect that someone will lean on you to drink, you can plan out how you wish to respond in advance.
  • Let your family know ahead of time about your situation and ask for their help and understanding.
  • Bring your own non-alcoholic beverages so that you have a “go-to” when it’s time for something to drink.
  • Enlist an ally, a friend, or a family member who is also staying sober for the trip.
  • Know when it’s time to go. If things get a little dicey, it’s okay to excuse yourself politely. Instead, you can enjoy a hike or some time in the water.

You’ve worked hard to escape the clutches of alcohol abuse with addiction treatment. Participating in a sober vacation can keep you on the path to success.

Project Aftercare

The aftercare stage of rehab is there for a reason: to give you the skills to navigate tricky situations. But it wasn’t there to suggest that you are on your own. If you anticipate a challenge in maintaining a sober vacation, consider reaching out to your networks for support.

You could schedule a counseling session. If it’s a particularly challenging issue, you might consider engaging in family therapy so that others understand the stakes. Your mentor or sponsor can also be helpful.

Know that if the pressure does become too much, and you drink alcohol, all is not lost. These same aspects of your network are there to help you get back on track. Make use of the resources to meet your goals.

A sober vacation is within your grasp!

Plan Alternative Activities

Going on the annual family trip may prove to be too difficult to have a sober vacation. While no one wants to be apart from family, your best bet may be to consider sticking with your immediate family. Consider some alternatives to keep alcohol abuse away:

  • Stay put at home: Enjoy a relaxing stay-cation where you play games, watch a movie, or read a good book.
  • Get active: Keeping busy is an awesome way to enjoy your vacation. Perhaps you can go for a hiking trip or take a scuba trip.
  • Get into culture: If you’re in a city you’ve never been to before, you may want to go to a museum or a historical site.
  • Volunteer: Get out and work the day in a homeless shelter or another place that supports those who are less fortunate. There’s no better way to get the focus away from your own problems.

Any one of these activities can serve as family therapy unto itself. And once it results in a sober vacation, you may have a new set of traditions to continue.

Addiction Treatment at Red Oak Recovery®

You want to have a sober vacation and every other day of the year. The staff at Red Oak Recovery® can help make that happen. We will work with you as an individual, applying the tenets of evidence-based care to bring you from the depths of addiction to the stability and sobriety of aftercare. We also provide counseling sessions, including family therapy, to help you achieve your goals and your desire for a happy life filled with promise. Don’t suffer another moment. Take a virtual tour of our facility and contact Red Oak Recovery® at 866.457.7590 for an initial consultation.