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Alcohol Awareness Month 2019

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Alcohol Awareness Month 2019

Alcohol Awareness Month began in 1987. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) set up this event to help bring awareness to the American public. Since Alcohol Awareness Month started, it has served to give people information about alcohol, substance use, and becoming sober.

What Is Alcohol Awareness Month?

Alcohol Awareness Month 2019 will be during April. During Alcohol Awareness Month, addiction specialists and educators will work to raise awareness about alcohol addiction. This year, the theme for the event will be “Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow.”

Alcohol addictions affect up to 20 million people and family members in the United States. While alcohol addiction is a chronic disease, individuals can still get treatment for it. During Alcohol Awareness Month 2019, advocates work to reduce the stigma around addiction and help people learn about ways to become sober.

Special Events

Alcohol Awareness Month 2019 will also include special events like the Alcohol-Free Weekend. This event will be on April 5-7, 2019. Alcohol-Free Weekend is open to all Americans. During this weekend, Americans can take part by spending three days without drinking.

This special event is also crucial for people who are currently suffering from alcohol addiction. If someone has discomfort or withdrawal symptoms during Alcohol-Free Weekend, it is an indication that they may have a drinking problem. Individuals should seek out help from an addiction counselor, rehab or doctor if they notice the early symptoms of alcohol use disorder.

Individuals and families can attend local, state and national events during April. Some organizations will host events specifically for children and teenagers. These types of educational events help children understand how drinking can impact their lives and future. Throughout the Alcohol Awareness Month, there will also be events where loved ones can discuss the impact that addiction has on their lives.

Finding Help for an Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a chronic disease that can be fatal. If someone suffers from an addiction, help is available. At a women’s or men’s alcohol addiction treatment center, clients can get the kind of care they need.

Each treatment center has a different variety of programs. During the intake process, an addiction specialist can talk to clients about the type of individualized treatment that will work best for their case. From young adult rehab programs to hybrid options, there are many high-quality therapies available.

Through the right treatment center, clients can find programs such as:

No one has to suffer from the ongoing pain of addiction alone. At Red Oak Recovery®, clients can discover one of the only true hybrid programs that incorporates addiction treatment with a wilderness and adventure program. Through treatment, you or your loved one can immediately start recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. To learn more about Alcohol Awareness Month 2019, call us today at 866-457-7590.