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4 Steps to Boost Your Self-Worth

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4 Steps to Boost Your Self-Worth

/Now more than ever is the perfect time to hone in on your self-worth and that means making conscious decisions to respect yourself and to enjoy your new, sober life. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1. Practice self-care. Your daily routine should include personal grooming (bathe, brush hair and teeth, and dress in clean clothing), proper nutrition, and exercise. Take an active role in prepping your meals, shopping for clothes, and finding a fun fitness routine that you can stick with. In addition, schedule those regular visits to the doctor and dentist. Now that you’re sober, staying healthy should be a top priority.

Step 2. Find time to relax and have sober fun. Recovery is hard work, but it’s also a time to discover new interests and hobbies that don’t involve alcohol or drugs.  Use this time to try something new: Take an adult class at your local community college; sign up for a yoga or Zumba class; join a group hike, community garden, or drama club. The possibilities are endless.

Step 3. Be grateful for each day. Making gratitude part of your daily routine can help you keep a healthy perspective and remind you that recovery is something to be thankful for.

Step 4. Accept and give support. You don’t have to endure recovery alone. Share your feelings and experiences with a trusted family member, addiction counselor or support group. You may find that supporting others in their recovery will help you along the journey, too.

Supporting Your Recovery at Red Oak 

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