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3 Ways Your Husband Can Benefit from a North Carolina Men’s Treatment Center

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3 Ways Your Husband Can Benefit from a North Carolina Men’s Treatment Center

Substance use disorder causes many problems, including marital issues. While you may love someone who’s addicted to drugs or alcohol, you may hate the way addiction makes them act and the things it makes them do. You may feel shame, disappointment, or anger toward your spouse. You may feel lonely or abandoned. These are all feelings that can end a relationship, even a strong relationship such as marriage. If you live in Litchfield, CT, your husband struggles with substance use disorder, encourage him to reach out for help today. Red Oak Recovery® is a men’s rehab center in North Carolina that can help.

Recovery Helps Strengthen Relationships

One mark of a strong marriage is healthy, two-way communication, and the honest sharing of feelings. Conversely, substance use disorder breeds secretiveness and deception. Suddenly, a man who has always been open and honest with you is evasive and reluctant to explain his actions. Drugs or alcohol have become the most important things in his life, and they consume his every waking moment. This is a tough way for you to live, and may, in fact, be reasons why you leave.

But a man in recovery from substance use disorder is no longer being controlled by chemical substances. His mind is clearer. His body is stronger. Most importantly, he’s engaging in therapies to help him learn better ways to cope with stress and anxiety. He’s reconnecting with the man he used to be, and this is often the key to saving a marriage that’s compromised by addiction.

Recovery Helps Clients Learn Accountability

Marriage is a partnership, but loving someone who struggles with substance use disorder means you’ve probably been taking on the brunt of the responsibilities for far too long. This is typically the norm when one partner becomes ill. But in recovery, healing takes place. Your partner is feeling better and getting stronger. He’s learning how to accept accountability for his actions and inactions and wanting to make amends.

A marriage in which both partners share responsibilities equally means neither partner feels taken advantage of or used. A men’s addiction treatment center can help your loved one realize all the ways he wants to change to make the future better for both of you.

Recovery Clears the Way for Meaningful Communication

Addiction is a difficult topic to discuss, especially when it’s close to home. But enrollment to a men’s treatment center can help your husband learn how to communicate more effectively. Group, individual, and family therapies are useful in opening up the lines of communication. You may need your husband to understand how his actions have hurt you, and he may need you to understand that the hurt was never intentional.

Partners who can talk with one another honestly about difficult subjects have better outcomes. Your husband will learn how to be a better communicator through time spent in a men’s addiction treatment center.

Red Oak Recovery® in North Carolina Can Help

If your husband needs help to recover from a substance use disorder involving drugs or alcohol, reach out to Red Oak Recovery® in North Carolina today. Whether you live in the next town over or are driving down from Litchfield, CT, we have the resources and the expertise to help. Red Oak Recovery® offers complete, integrative care for addiction, including

At Red Oak Recovery®, we can help your loved one find peace and sobriety. Along the way, both of you may find help with your marriage. Contact Red Oak Recovery® today at 866.457.7590 to learn more.