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3 Stress Coping Skills for Young Men

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3 Stress Coping Skills for Young Men

Client and professional discussing 3 coping skills for young men

Addiction recovery can be a complicated process, physically and mentally. Though recovery is always worth it, it’s fair to say that nobody would call it easy. Unfortunately, many men lack reliable short-term and long-term support systems. Many also suffer from co-occurring conditions like anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. Because men are often taught to keep their emotions in check, it can be even harder for them to manage stress effectively. If you or a young man in your life is struggling with stress during recovery, Red Oak Recovery® can be a lifesaver. Our programs are designed to help young men ages 18-30 manage stress and recover from substance use. Call us at 828.382.9699 to learn about our young men’s rehab program.

What Are Stress and Anxiety?

Stress and anxiety are a part of daily life. After dealing with them for many years, a person can develop a high tolerance for them. But breakthrough anxiety, which feels out of control, can cause substantial problems unless the anxiety is adequately addressed. The fight, flight or freeze mode can cause a range of uncomfortable symptoms, including:

  • Nervousness that causes rapid breathing, heart palpitations, and sweating
  • Sense of impending danger or doom
  • Derealization, or feeling like you’re removed from yourself
  • A sense that one needs immediate medical attention. This sends many people to the ER, as anxiety attacks have many symptoms in common with heart attacks

These symptoms are controllable with certain prescription medications and stress management coping skills. However, those in recovery risk lapsing into self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, or other addictive substances. Learning to cope with stress can help reset the nervous system and reduce overall anxiety levels.

Three Stress Coping Skills for Men

The proper coping skills for stress can help young men live long and healthy lives. Here are some ways to start doing the kind of therapeutic work that will really make a difference, especially during the recovery period:

1. Drink Less Coffee

This might be surprising since almost everybody drinks coffee. However, quantity makes all the difference. Too much caffeine can cause significant nervousness and anxiety. Caffeine releases adrenaline and, in large doses, can put the body into fight or flight mode before you’ve even had breakfast. Caffeine also lowers electrolyte levels, triggering stress responses. Drinking coffee steadily throughout the day can have even worse effects. Try lowering your daily caffeine intake and pairing coffee with food or exercise to burn off excess adrenaline. Proper nutrition and eating when your body needs fuel can reduce metabolic stress.

2. Descreen for a While

For some people, it’s difficult to make a living without technology. And even those who work in other fields need phones to stay connected with family and friends today. However, smartphones, social media platforms, and even the radio can trigger stress responses. Taking breaks from technology during your free time will reduce your stress levels more than you know. Instead, take the time to write down your thoughts, go outside, or exercise to promote the release of stress-reducing hormones. These are some of the best stress management coping skills you can put into action.

3. Practice Being in the Moment

Staying in the moment is difficult. But it can make all the difference. Stress and anxiety stem from worrying and speculating about the past or the future. Many techniques can be used to stay grounded in the present. They include meditation, yoga, and tai chi, to name a few. These practices can help regulate the nervous system and restore calm.

The right therapist can also provide tools and professional support for long-term stress reduction and healing. They can help clients understand the root of their anxiety and change thought patterns that lead to chronic stress.

Learn More About Coping with Stress Today at Red Oak Recovery®

If you or a young man in your life needs help with stress management techniques, Red Oak Recovery® can help. Our holistic programs provide young men with the tools they need to overcome addiction and co-occurring disorders. Don’t hesitate to make the first move; we’ll ensure you get to a place of peace from there. Get started by calling Red Oak Recovery® at 828.382.9699 or by contacting us online today.