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Benefiting From Individualized Care

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Benefiting From Individualized Care

Many things in life are created around the idea that we, as people, are all cast from the same mold. Some treatment specialists believe our thoughts, actions, and needs are the same as those of the people next to us. This type of addiction treatment leaves us feeling lost or somehow defective when we don’t fit neatly into the mold that someone else created. Benefiting from individualized care can only be accomplished if your treatment is designed around your needs, not when a treatment specialist tells you what needs they expect you to have. What does benefiting from individualized care look and feel like in the long run? At Red Oak Recovery®, we have the answers.

Meeting You Where You Are

Benefiting from individualized care means meeting you where you stand at this moment. Some people enter our programs without a clue as to where they want to be other than sober. Others have already started to move forward and designed a one-year or even a five-year plan. We don’t force you to start at step one if you have already reached stage three, and we don’t put any expectations of where we think you should be. You are where you are, and we design your program to work from that point onward.

Going With the Flow

Benefiting from individualized care means being able to reevaluate plans and restructure them if the current plan isn’t working. Maybe you aren’t ready for group therapy yet, or maybe you have gotten through a certain program quicker than expected and don’t need to keep rehashing the lessons. Individualized care allows for restructuring if it can be helpful. If one type of therapy doesn’t seem to be working for you, we don’t force you to continue just because it has worked for many others. We can change and approach counseling from another angle if it is more beneficial. There is no pre-paved road to YOUR recovery. That is something that we create with you as we journey through it.

Finding Your Meaning and Working Toward It

What is success? Ask a dozen people that question, and you will get a dozen different answers. Benefiting from individualized care is taking your idea of a successful program and working toward that goal. We won’t force you to follow someone else’s definition of success. Maybe you will feel that your main goal is to complete a treatment program successfully.

On the other hand, you may not feel you have gained real success until you reach a year drug-free or find yourself in a position where you walked away from temptation. There is no one correct answer when it comes to the meaning of such concepts as success. What is beneficial to you is to know and understand what these things mean to you personally and work toward them steadily.

Benefiting From Individualized Care at Red Oak Recovery®

Our clients at Red Oak Recovery® know we see them as individuals. Our treatment plans that we create after we have taken the time to sit with you and evaluate the situation. After you have contacted us at 866.457.7590, we will discuss your medical, mental health, and drug use history. We will take into account your personality and needs, such as dual diagnosis care or trauma-based therapy. You don’t have to sit through unnecessary classes such as anger management if you already understand those concepts and are adept at using them. You will have access to things like interpersonal skills if that is a need in order to progress. At Red Oak Recovery®, we threw away the cookie cutters in favor of free-form art.