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What to Look for in a Drug Rehab Program for Young Men

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What to Look for in a Drug Rehab Program for Young Men

Young men across the country are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction at alarming rates. Many young men have turned to these substances to cope with social isolation and the health and economic woes they’ve been feeling. People often need professional support to find a way out of addiction, but young men can sometimes struggle to seek help. If you’re looking for drug rehab for yourself or a loved one, don’t hesitate to contact Red Oak Recovery® Center today at 866.457.7590 for more information about our drug rehab for young men.

Professional Drug Addiction Treatment Is Your Best Opportunity for Lasting Recovery

Addressing drug and alcohol addiction problems can be overwhelming for families. Sometimes seeking out treatment seems like an impossible task. People have so many other responsibilities that they put addiction treatment on the back burner, hoping they can get better independently. Statistics show that just a little over 10 percent of individuals who would benefit from drug treatment seek it out. Many individuals are either unaware of the severity of their addiction or avoid getting professional help.

Acknowledging a substance use issue is a critical step in the right direction, but it’s just the first one. Countless studies show that the most reliable way to achieve long-lasting sobriety is to complete drug addiction treatment in a professional drug rehab setting. Some signs that you may need to attend a drug rehab are:

  • You’re withdrawing from your loved ones
  • You want to quit and have tried repeatedly but can’t seem to do it on your own.
  • You’ve developed tolerance, so taking the same amount of drugs as before does not affect you as much.
  • You spend more time than you want to try to get drugs, use drugs, or recover from your drug use.
  • You experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms when you don’t have access to your drug of choice.
  • Your relationships are suffering.
  • You don’t enjoy the things you used to look forward to.
  • You have to use drugs to leave the house or socialize.
  • Your job performance or grades are taking a hit due to your drug use.
  • You feel like you’re losing control.
  • You’re experiencing memory loss or cognitive decline.
  • You’re experiencing new mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression.

Exhibiting even a couple of the above symptoms related to drug and alcohol use is enough to warrant receiving professional drug addiction treatment in a drug rehab facility.

Why Should You Attend a Young Adult Rehab for Men?

When you decide to start looking for a young adult drug rehab in your area, consider the benefits of attending a gender-based rehab. Generally, mens’ biological, social, and psychological needs and triggers differ from those of women. Men also face different issues and stereotypes and have different motivations for turning to drugs. Discussing these sensitive topics in a comfortable, judgment-free setting can make treatment more beneficial to the patient. Some key points to look for that set young men’s rehab apart may include:

  • You’ll likely be more comfortable expressing your emotions and vulnerability around the same gender.
  • You’ll be less distracted by the tensions of a mixed-gender environment, so you can place complete focus on healing your addiction.
  • You have access to gender-based opportunities and bonding activities that a standard mixed-gender rehab might not provide.
  • Same-sex peers around the same age as you will often face the same struggles, obstacles, and concerns as yours.
  • In an all-male environment, activities that foster camaraderie, collaboration, and authenticity are encouraged. These interactions lay the foundation for lifelong friendship and support between young men.

In addition, our professionals will implement more precisely targeted treatment. For instance, men often respond differently to specific therapeutic approaches than women, such as talk therapy and certain medications.

Find Healing at Red Oak Recovery® Center

Men can have different motivations behind using drugs and be affected by drugs differently as well. For this reason, The trained clinicians at Red Oak Recovery® Center know what to look out for in the young male population they treat. Their experience and expertise can help you arrive at a well-rounded treatment plan that ensures complete long-term recovery. Call 866.457.7590 today for more information.