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What Makes Our Clinical Rehab in NC Different?

Experience clinician-run addiction treatment at Red Oak Recovery® in the pristine Blue Ridge Mountains

What Makes Our Clinical Rehab in NC Different?

Substance use disorders threaten the mental and physical health of young people and those around them daily. Rates of substance abuse in young males are steadily increasing. The uncertainty resulting from these increases mirrors the turmoil and uncertainty currently faced within our families, communities, nation, and the world.

Receiving expertly tailored care in a clinical rehabilitation center can help to pinpoint your specific issues and achieve your recovery goals. Get the best clinical rehabilitation treatment near you at Red Oak Recovery® located in NC. Contact us today at 866.457.7590.

The Benefits of Clinical Rehabilitation

Sometimes it seems like there is no escape from dysfunction. Many of the activities we choose to console ourselves, socialize, and enjoy our free time, are also the methods we’ve adopted to cope with and distract ourselves from stress and pain. We also tend to use these activities around our celebrations and cherished moments. After all, they’re socially acceptable. It is clear teaching clients to avoid temptation altogether is an unrealistic recovery expectation. Therefore, clinicians develop methods and techniques that help young men successfully navigate their addiction in the outside world.

The benefits of clinical rehabilitation treatment revolve around the quality and length of care. Expert clinicians diagnose patients and decide on a unique combination of therapies or medications to address the patient’s particular needs and challenges. Some key benefits of clinical rehabilitation include:

  • Expert level care and medical expertise to safely manage your addiction treatment
  • Care focused on behavioral interventions and habit-building that can shift mental frameworks to prepare clients to thrive in the outside world
  • Diagnosing any underlying physical health issues or mental health disorders contributing to addiction and treating them
  • A greater variety of unique treatment options, which may not be available to you outside of a clinical rehabilitation center
  • Comfort in the knowledge that you and your family are doing everything possible to ensure safe, long-term recovery

Furthermore, statistically, a longer-term stay in clinical rehabilitation is correlated with a high rate of successful life outcomes with less possibility for relapse.

How Our Clinical Team Can Work With You

Red Oak Recovery® is a unique men’s treatment center fully staffed with mental health and substance use treatment experts. We seek to treat the addicted individual from a whole-person perspective, with a firm understanding of the mind-body connection that drives most of the issues experienced in our lives. We do not offer standard cookie-cutter treatment plans to our patients. Many treatments involve holistic healing, outdoor bonding experiences, and therapeutic outlets for young men, such as martial arts or art therapy. By addressing every individual’s unique interests and needs specifically, we neglect any crucial healing aspects.

Clinical rehabilitation is a critical piece in addressing an addiction problem. Clinical rehabilitation aims to establish workable solutions that heal from a whole-person perspective. A clinical rehabilitation plan focuses on sobriety, wellness, and practical strategies integrated into society outside of rehab. Life skills such as money management and maintaining relationships are often necessary. In order for a treatment framework to be successful, adequate time is essential for therapists and clients to develop skills properly. We can integrate the perspectives necessary for long-term addiction management into a client’s everyday life.

Many issues concerning physical health and mental well-being are tied to specific challenges. Unfortunately, the genetic, biological, psychological, and social factors can be challenging to untangle. Despite this, patients and addiction professionals continue to try. They work to eventually find the key that unlocks how to help people stop making the same harmful life choices. Often, the best answer we can come up with is to keep trying.  The most proven way to treat severe addictions and ensure long-term recovery is to adequately address addiction.

Find Treatment at Red Oak Recovery® in NC

At Red Oak Recovery®, we know the specific struggles and temptations experienced by young men today. Many of the young adult males in our care are doing everything in their power to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Our experienced specialists and clinicians put in the same amount of effort and much more when necessary. Our unique whole-person approach to wellness seeks to give young males in NC area hope in healing. Please contact Red Oak Recovery® today at 866.457.7590 for more information about a whole-person healing plan that can work for you and your family today.